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How to withdraw cash from taojiji? List of withdrawal steps of taojiji income

Because taojiji can get cash bonus by initiating assistance, many friends hope to extract it directly after receiving the income. How to withdraw cash from taojiji? Let's take a look at the withdrawal steps of taoji revenue.

Withdrawal steps of taojiji Revenue:

1. If you want to cash in the taoji collection, you have to select the bottom right button from the home page, enter the personal center and click the "my assets" function to set it.

2. Then you need to click the "withdraw" function at the bottom of the page, and then click the "go to buy" option in the pop-up window to go shopping on the platform to earn red envelopes.

3. In this way, users can share their help information to wechat friends through the "share" button, and the other party can complete the withdrawal only by clicking the "help TA withdraw" option!

If you want to cash out the red packets in taoji, please set them according to the above methods.