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How to wash the beef blinds before eating? How to distinguish the true and the false of beef blinds

Many people pay great attention to knife cutting method in cooking, especially some meat ingredients need experience to cut well. In winter, it is necessary for many people to eat hot pot beef blinds. How to deal with it before eating? Actually, it also needs skills to cut the cowhide blinds. Let's learn.

How to cut the beef blinds

Lay the cowhide blinds on the cutting board one by one, remove the black outer wall, cut them along the cowhide blinds seam (about 4-6 pieces), and cut them into 5 cm long filaments horizontally.

By the way, I'd like to teach you how to make hair ox blinds

1. Divide the beef louver into 5 pieces, put them into the bucket, pour in boiling water (degree of immersion), stir them with wooden stick continuously (about 3 minutes), take them out, rinse them with clear water, put them into the pot with cold water, boil them until they are cut off and take them out.

2. Lay the beef blinds on the cutting board one by one, remove the black outer wall, cut into thin wires about 5cm long, and put them into a bowl.

3. Mix the Venetian blinds with 10g vinegar and 1g refined salt, rub them vigorously, remove the smell of fishy putty, rinse them with cold water, squeeze dry the water, cut the onion into 1.5cm long sections, take a small bowl, put in the beef broth, and then put MSG, sesame oil, vinegar (10g), scallion and wet starch into the flavor juice.

4. Put the wok on the fire and let the raw oil burn to 80% of the heat. First, stir fry the shredded Olay and dried peppers in the wok, then turn over, i.e. stir the shredded beef louver and refined salt, stir well, pour in the seasoned juice, stir quickly for a few times, and then the wok will be put on the plate.

How to deal with cowhide blinds

The untreated blinds are usually black or yellow brown. The blinds grown on feed are black. The blinds grown on grain crops are yellow.

It is difficult to wash the cowhide blinds into white color, but the black or yellow film on the cowhide blinds can be removed by the following methods to make the cowhide blinds more beautiful.

1. Divide the washed fresh beef blinds into large pieces, put them in a large basin, and then pour the boiling water into it to immerse the beef blinds. Then use a wooden stick to stir the beef blinds for about 3 minutes.

2. Take out the scalded cowhide blinds and put them on the chopping board. Rub the black or yellow brown film on them vigorously, rub them and wash them with water at the same time. It is better to rub them with a little salt and white vinegar.

After such cleaning, the cowhide blinds will become clean and beautiful, but it is absolutely impossible to wash out the white cowhide blinds. That kind of white beef louver is first soaked in caustic soda water, and then bleached with hydrogen peroxide. One jin of fresh beef louver can be more than three jin, so it's recommended that you try not to buy it.

Caution: in addition to beef blinds, squid and sea cucumber are usually handled in this way. Be careful when buying this kind of food.

Identification of the true and false of beef louver

In order to beautify the appearance of the beef louver, illegal businesses bleach it with 'hydrogen peroxide'; in order to keep fresh, they directly add formaldehyde to the beef louver; and in order to make the beef louver absorb water, expand and become heavier, so as to double profits, illegal businesses add industrial alkali to the beef louver.

Due to the addition of some toxic substances, the poisonous beef louver itself will leave some peculiar smell, which can be identified by the sense of smell of the public; moreover, the poisonous beef louver is particularly good in appearance, generally thick and fat.