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Tiktok, who loves to sing? Tiktok, love you ID account listTiktok tiktok is a friend of

tiktok who is playing with a jitter when he works. This year, it is really a new horizon for fire. It is also a lot of friends who have brought fire. For example, Feng Mo Ti, who is happy family, is mainly singing and winning a large number of netizens. Tiktok, who loves to sing? Let's look at the jitter and tell you tiktok ID account.

Tiktok: I believe many of our little buddy have heard her songs on the flick. Recently, this very tiktok dance is dedicated to the use of special sign dance. She used her original songs to sing. She had to say that the little sister really sang beautifully. She is also a musician on the shaking. She is so musical about how this song is, it may be because it used this song to express the BGM of special sign dance.

Where does Liu Zhijia say he loves you?

The song is called "say love you". It was originally sung by Jolin Tsai. I think everyone has heard it. After all, it's also a very old song. Now Fang sings with a different flavor. The little sister who sings is Liu Zhijia. She looks very European and American. If buddy love tiktok tiktok's songs, Xiaobian also brings her vibrato tiktok, the name of Liu Zhijia choco, and ID LZJchoco. If you like it, please pay attention to it!

At present, Liu Zhijia's rendition of "say love you" is also liked by many netizens. Many people like to hear her sing the complete version. After all, this song is a rendition. At present, there is no complete version of the original sound on the Internet. But I believe there will be ~!