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What food does female anaemia eat more better? Eat it with rosy complexion

Anemia is a common disease of women. Once a woman is anemic, she looks sallow, pale, limp and cold. Especially for the workplace women who have given birth to children, because of the great work pressure, anemia will be aggravated. So what food is better for women to eat more?

1. Eat more iron rich food

Chicken liver, pig liver, kidney of cattle and sheep, lean meat, egg yolk, kelp and other food, as well as some black food, the effect of blood supply is also very good. Black sesame, sesame paste, black fungus, soybean, mushroom, brown sugar, rape, celery, etc. Iron is the main component of blood, iron deficiency anemia is more common, which should be noted in the diet of anemia.

2. Eat foods rich in vitamin C

Fresh fruits and green vegetables, such as jujube, apricot, orange, hawthorn, tomato, balsam pear, green persimmon pepper, lettuce, green shoots, etc. Vitamin C has the function of participating in hematopoiesis and promoting iron absorption and utilization. Anemia women eat more of these foods can effectively promote hematopoietic function, which will give the body a continuous supply of fresh blood.

3. Eat foods rich in high quality protein

Such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, shrimp and beans and other protein rich foods.

4. Avoid cold and rough food

Because these affect the function of spleen and stomach, thus affecting the absorption of iron, these are the foods that should be forbidden in anemia diet. Many women especially like to eat cold drinks and all kinds of frozen food in summer, which are important reasons for anemia, so we must avoid eating.