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How much is the online time of vivo x23? Vivo x23 phantom configuration unveiled

Today, the vivo x23 phantom edition is officially on sale, providing a technological fashion product that can show their fashion attitude for young people who pursue fashion, personality and trend. Today, Xiaobian will unveil the price and configuration of vivo x23.

vivo X23 magic color plate breaks the Convention in the design of back glass. Through multi-layer processing such as optical nano, holographic coaxial, high texture pearlescent, off-axis color lens, 3D depth of field drawing, etc., it organically combines color and space, creating a fantastic 3D vertical depth on the back of the mobile phone, as if placing the landscape in it, and perfectly integrating nature with modern, science and technology with fashion.

The vivo x23 phantom is available in 'Arctic dawn' and 'starry night ocean' colors. The Arctic dawn is like a delicate and sensitive woman, who has never stopped their desire for color, but refused to float on the surface of colorful. Vivo creatively injects the early morning sunlight of the Arctic into this watery glass, showing a variety of customs between the illusion and the flexibility. And the starry night sea is like a deep man, deep and steady on the one hand, and sparkling on the other. Deep night swallowed up the sea and sky, solemn and mysterious.

Vivo x23 phantom front camera is equipped with 24.8 million AI glow camera, which can identify 103 basic facial feature points. According to the user's gender, skin type and scene light, it can intelligently match the beauty scheme, making women more white, soft and beautiful, and men more masculine and handsome. In addition, the "glow" function also provides 10 modes to adjust the facial appearance independently, and Jovi AI can also learn your beauty habits independently, so that you can become more attractive every time you turn on the camera.

Vivo x23 phantom launch time

Vivo x23 is available on November 23 at a price of 2798 yuan. There is only 6 + 128GB for one configuration version. There are two new colors of Arctic dawn + starry night ocean. Vivo x23 is available for pre-sale.

The vivo x23 phantom is different from the ordinary x23. The vivo x23 phantom is equipped with 660 high throughput processors and a storage combination of 6 + 128GB.

The vivo x23 phantom uses a 6.41-inch FHD + magic color screen with a resolution of 1080 * 2340 and a fuselage ratio of 19.5:9. The front fuselage adheres to the design principle of "form following function", ingeniously converges the camera into the "water drop", hides the sensors, earphones and other components, and the screen proportion is further than the previous generation X21, reaching an amazing 91.2%.

The vivo x23 phantom is equipped with a snapdragon 660aie processor, 6G of internal memory + 128G of body storage, with a battery capacity of 3400ma, micro USB charging interface, dual engine fast charging and 18W charging power. It still retains the artificial intelligence Jovi of vivo, and adopts the fourth generation of optical computer screen fingerprint unlocking to support face recognition unlocking.