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Introduction to the five promotions of outsourcing in Central Asia sea in 2018! Four waves of activi

Today, Central Asia has made a big move. Real black five's global burst of funds starts in a limited time. Every day, Central Asia's overseas purchases release the treasure of stores. Global prices are synchronized. On November 22, real black five's outsourcing Carnival will start in 72 hours, when more products join in the promotion, four waves of activities are coming! Let's take a look at the introduction of the five promotions of outsourcing in Central Asia sea in 2018!

Countdown to the first wave of looting (11.13-11.21)

Buy the treasure of Zhendian overseas every day and give you the price of overseas good God. It's very cost-effective to enter a wave in advance. Click to enter the treasure zone of Zhendian

The second wave of Carnival 72 hours (11.22-11.24)

It's time for global super value to rush in and compete with crooked nuts! Pay attention to price changes all the time. Good prices are not waiting for people!

The third Bosnia and Herzegovina five record (11.25)

Make contributions to the big data of the world's cutting hands parties. Amazon's real black five's success in the rush to buy is well known. If the price is good, return to the market, and buy a wave according to the list properly~

The 4th wave of online shopping continues on Monday (11.26-12.2)

The new promotion of Cyber Monday opens in a high-profile way, and the discount lasts for a week. Happy to sweep the goods without stopping!

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