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What's going on with hiccups all the time? Sharing of practical skills for fast burping control

burping is often encountered in life. Burping is not a disease, but it is very embarrassing to burp all the time. Do you know what can be done to stop burping quickly? Burping is not a big thing, but if you have been burping in front of your favorite goddess, is it too much?

What to do with hiccups all the time

1. Water bending

Drink some warm boiled water, swallow it slowly, and do the action of bending 90 degrees for 10 to 15 times. Because the stomach is close to the diaphragm, it can warm the diaphragm from the inside. When bending, the viscera will massage the diaphragm, relieve the spasm of diaphragm, and achieve the purpose of stopping burping.

2. Tongue stretching

When burping, put a piece of clean gauze on the tongue, hold the tongue with your fingers and stretch out. At this time, you will feel the gas rising in your abdomen, and the burping will be eliminated naturally.

3. Take a deep breath

For example, if hiccup occurs during eating, you can pause eating, take several deep breaths, and often stop in a short time.

When hiccups are frequent, you can press' Shaoshang 'points on both sides with your fingers. Shaoshang point is located on the radial side of the root of thumb nail, about 0.6cm from the nail edge, at the junction of black and white flesh. When oppressing, we should use certain strength to make patients have obvious pain. The patient can press by himself alternately.

4. Breath holding method

Directly hold your breath for 30-45 seconds, or take a clean chopstick and put it into your mouth, gently stimulate 1 / 3 of the upper palate, and the burping symptoms will stop immediately. Because using chopsticks to stimulate the upper jaw will induce pharyngeal reflex, which can make the patient hold his breath suddenly and make the carbon dioxide concentration in the airway, thus interfering with the nerve reflex activity of burping. But people with poor cardiopulmonary function should use this method with caution.

A point on the midline, just behind the junction of the hard and soft jaws. General massage one minute can effectively control hiccup.

5. Fright method

It can also stop burping by slapping the person's back. As a strong emotional stimulus, panic can be transmitted to the subcutaneous center through the cortex to prevent diaphragmatic spasm. But patients with high blood pressure and heart disease should be careful.

6. Paper bag expiratory method

Cover your mouth and nose with a small plastic bag and take 3 to 5 deep breaths. Inhale the exhaled carbon dioxide repeatedly to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood to regulate and inhibit hiccups.

7. Hypoglycemic method

Take a spoonful of sugar and swallow it dry (without water) to stop the hiccups in a few minutes. Sugar in the mouth may change the original nerve impulse to block the diaphragm muscles for intermittent contraction.