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How to do always stomachache? How to relieve the stomachache effectively

Now with the rapid development of this society, many netizens say that the pressure is too great, so the diet will be irregular in life, which will easily lead to the phenomenon of bad stomach and intestines. Sometimes they often suffer from stomachache. Then, what about stomachache? How does stomachache alleviate effectively? Come and have a look.

If you have a stomachache at home, you can ask your family to pour yourself a cup of warm boiled water, which can not only warm your stomach, but also dilute the stomach acid, relieve the stomachache. After the stomachache is relieved, take the stomach medicine prescribed under the guidance of the doctor, and then put down everything at hand, and lie down on the bed to have a good rest. This kind of rest lasted about two hours After that, the stomachache will almost completely recover. At this time, you can gently massage the stomach to promote the blood circulation of the stomach.

If you have a sudden stomachache at work, and you can't put things at hand to rest, you can choose to drink a cup of hot milk. Remember, it must be pure milk, don't drink yogurt or fruit milk. Drinking such a cup of hot milk can relieve the stomachache. Because the concentration of pure milk is relatively high and it is not easy to be diluted, it can be pasted on the stomach wall after entering the stomach, which hinders the contact between the stomach wall and gastric acid, so as to relieve the pain.

If you are walking on the road and have stomach ache suddenly, if you have no medicine or conditions to drink warm boiled water or hot milk, you must squat down immediately, hold your stomach with both hands, and press your upper body on your legs with your palms against the stomach, causing certain pressure on your stomach. At the same time, the heat of your palms will also be transmitted to your stomach. In this way, the stomach ache can last for five minutes There is a little relief, after a little relief, you should go home immediately, take stomach medicine and drink hot milk.