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When will the fifth anniversary of oppo color OS be held? Specific time, place and content introduct

you guys who like oppo products have noticed that the fifth anniversary of oppo color OS is about to be held. When will the fifth anniversary of oppo color OS be held? Let's take a look at the specific time, place and content.

Recently, oppo said on its official microblog that it will hold the fifth anniversary celebration of color OS in Shekou, Shenzhen, on November 22. Meanwhile, it added in the microblog: we have some good things to share with you.

From this poster, the whole picture is very simple, only with some simple words, but the color is more bright, which also implies that color OS will be more colorful, and at the same time, people can feel the youth vitality brought by color OS.

In fact, oppo's flagship machine, find x, has already installed the color OS 5.1 system. The highlight of color OS 5.1 is that it has AI function support. It can predict the next four applications we are most likely to open and preload, thus saving users a lot of valuable time. In addition, it can intelligently obtain our various information and provide services such as itinerary planning.

In addition to its advanced software, oppo is also at the forefront of mobile hardware. For example, oppo has independently developed supervooc super flash charging technology. With the optimization of color OS, it can increase the charging power of mobile phones to more than 50W, and can fully charge batteries in 35 minutes, leading the charge efficiency industry.