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Why to drink paraquat poisoning to cure bad? Incurable disease of extreme poison

Paraquat, a very special pesticide, is often used to remove all kinds of weeds. It is a very common crop medicine. However, some people commit suicide by drinking paraquat because of various contradictions. Can it be cured after drinking paraquat?

But the most famous place for this kind of thing is that it is often used by people to commit suicide. We often hear or see the news that someone drinks paraquat and then dies. So the question is, what kind of thing is paraquat? Why can't it be cured.

In fact, the chemical name of paraquat is 1-1-dimethyl-4-bipyridine cation salt. The biggest feature of this substance is that it can weed quickly and is very effective for all kinds of green plants, but this substance has a feature that it has no effect on non green plants.

For example, paraquat can be passivated quickly after encountering soil, and the effective ingredients can also be degraded, so paraquat has no effect on the roots and stems of plants.

Paraquat is a kind of highly toxic substance. Once it touches or enters the human body, people will face the danger of death, because it will cause damage to various organs of the human body, especially the lung.

The reason is that the alveolar cells of human body will take part in the uptake of paraquat, and then cause destructive damage to the lungs, leading to a large number of fibrosis in the lungs, and finally cause damage to the respiratory system of human body. Therefore, paraquat poisoning patients often suffer from respiratory distress, which is also the main cause of death of patients.

So paraquat is a kind of incurable poison without medicine. As long as a large number of paraquat enters the human body, people are basically not saved. Moreover, it should be pointed out that paraquat has a very small impact on the nerves, although it does great damage to human organs.