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Here is the secret of how to protect the skin for girls

Every girl is eager to have smooth, white and tender skin. As the saying goes, "one white covers three ugly", white and rich beauty is also popular now. So how to have bright, white, beautiful and healthy skin? The following editor will talk about his experience for reference only. If you are born with wheat skin, don't worry about it. You can't choose your skin color, but it can also be healthy and beautiful, showing your youth.

Secret 1: drink more water. 'drink eight glasses of water a day', as we all know. Water is not only conducive to detoxification of our body, preventing stones, but also provides sufficient water for our skin, making our skin moist and smooth.

Secret 2: sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must for every girl's skin care. Don't look at the small ultraviolet rays, it can not only steal your bright white skin, but also bring you spots. There are many sunscreen products on the market, sunscreen, isolation cream, in fact, it is OK to use a little. But Xiaobian doesn't suggest that you rely on these products. Wear hat and disposable mask when going out.

Secret 3: sleeping beauty. Women's beauty can really sleep out, especially the routine, which is really important for our health and skin. Go to bed before 10:30 every night, sleep well, and you'll find your skin bright the next morning. If the place to sleep at night is too dry, you can put a wet towel at the head of the bed. If the work and rest are irregular, it is easy to lead to endocrine disorders and acne on the face.

Secret 4: exercise more. Exercise is something every girl should stick to almost every day. Reading can change the mind, exercise can change the body. Reading makes you beautiful inside, and exercise makes you beautiful outside. More exercise, body is not only good, temperament is good, more importantly, exercise detoxification, so that you are healthier, the whole person looks great.