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What is the specific process of DG designer insulting China? How's it going

In the past two days, designer G's humiliation of China has burst the circle of friends. The humiliation of China is very sensitive to Chinese people. However, some people like to touch the minefield. Recently, DG designers in dujiabanna were exposed to the humiliation of China to provoke public anger. What is the specific process of the humiliation of China by DG designers? What happened at the end?

How is DG designer insulting Hua?

After the comments of Dolce Gabbana, a designer of dujiabanna, were made public by netizens, his insulting remarks and suspected discrimination caused public outrage, and then the stars who were scheduled to attend the DG show in Shanghai refused to attend. On the evening of November 21, the famous luxury brand Dolce Gabbana (DG) was scheduled to hold the first large fashion show "the great show" in Shanghai Expo Center. During the session, more than 100 new ready to wear collections with three themes were released. Earlier, Chen Kun, Li Bingbing, Wang Junkai, delireba and many other stars were announced to attend the event. However, on the day when the show was about to open, a real conversation between a netizen and DG designer on INS was exposed to the effect that the netizen mentioned that the advertising film DG put in earlier was suspected of discrimination, so the designer was very dissatisfied, and after the argument failed, he swore loudly, even that China was shit. Once the comment was exposed, it made netizens angry, and then many stars expressed their resistance to dg.

DG designer humiliated China:

The cause of the incident starts with the DG promo. In order to highlight the elements of Chinese style, Shanghai DG show released an advertising film with Chinese characteristics. However, the content of the advertising film caused the discomfort of many netizens. It turns out that Chinese models not only use chopsticks to eat pizza and Italian sweet rolls with strange gestures, but also use 'Chinese pronunciation' and arrogant tone in the aside, which makes people suspect that they are deliberately defacing China, so many disputes have been aroused in domestic social networking sites for a while.

Then the incident ferments, a netizen and the designer have a dispute, then in the dialogue, the designer burst out the insulting comments, the netizen will be published on the Internet, caused public anger. In response to the scandal of Stefano Gabbana's comments suspected of insulting China, Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Li Bingbing, Mu Ziyang, Wang Junkai, Tang Yixin, rocket girl, and delireba said that they would not attend the DG show of dujiabanna tonight, and many Chinese models have also announced their suspension.

Among them, Chen Kun is the first star to cancel the event. It is reported that netizens took pictures of Chen Kun arriving at the airport. Chen Kun got off the plane and announced that he would return to the airport as soon as he got the news. It can be said that Chen Kun was quite rigid!

At present, the latest development of the event is the cancellation of DG show. Although the staff who worked hard to prepare for the show are distressed, such an event broke out, and the cancellation is the best response! For this reason, in order to connect DG ads, netizens even made an ad as a reply. This unprecedented consistent reply from netizens is really very rigid! DG, as a luxury brand in Italy, seems to be cutting its way in the Chinese market. It is hard to be accepted by Chinese people in the future.