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When will Samsung S10 and folding screen mobile phones go on sale? Samsung's "killer mace" is ready

Samsung's preliminary plan in 2019 has been disclosed by people familiar with the matter in advance. Samsung may match 5g link function and let its folding mobile phone meet you! We are looking forward to it. When will Samsung S10 and folding screen mobile phones go on sale? Now let's understand that Samsung's "killer mace" is ready to launch!

According to South Korean media reports, Gao Dongzhen, CEO of Samsung's smart phone business, said their mobile phone business was facing a crisis and hoped to survive through the next generation of flagship products Galaxy 10 and foldable screen phones.

According to a Samsung insider, Gao Dongzhen's comments show how important the smartphone business is to Samsung at present. But now, after hearing the criticism from the outside world, the company is also quite nervous. The top-down rigid decision-making system is the most serious problem in Samsung's mobile phone business.

Recently, the website of Taiwan's Electronic Times quoted industry sources as saying that in the third quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics delivered only 600000 mobile phones in China, and its annual sales volume is expected to be only 3 million. Samsung's share of China's smartphone market has fallen to 2%, according to previous reports.

According to the information previously released by Samsung, Samsung will release Galaxy 10 and foldable screen mobile phones in February next year, which will be available in March. At the beginning of this month, Samsung released the change of folding screen mobile phone, and also brought in Google to customize the system for folding screen. According to the details officially announced, the mobile phone will be released in March next year, and now foreign media have sent out its appearance in advance.

From the appearance of these rendering drawings, it basically conforms to the previous Samsung display. It adopts the method of inward folding. The cover display is 4.59 inches in size, the aspect ratio is 21:9, and the resolution is 840x1960 (HD, 420ppi). The inner screen is the main display, 7.3 inches after expansion, with a aspect ratio of 4.2:3 and a resolution of 1536x2152 (QXGA, 420ppi).

In addition, Samsung has built a new Android 9.0-based system one UI to fit the folding screen. This system will replace touchwiz and Samsung experience as the new name of Samsung Android ROM.