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What are the advantages of drinking black tea in winter? Warm stomach black tea winter best partner

is it suitable to drink black tea in winter? What are the benefits of drinking black tea in winter? For those who like tea ceremony and health preservation, drinking tea is a way of self-cultivation. Drinking tea is not only good for health, but also can delay aging. Chinese tea culture is well-known in the world, so what's the advantage of drinking black tea in winter?

Black tea is a kind of tea with rich flavonoids and potassium elements. People should drink more black tea in winter to prevent stroke and heart disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine, tea can also be divided into cold and hot, for example, green tea is bitter and cold, which is suitable for drinking in summer and summer; black tea and Pu'er tea are slightly warm, which are more suitable for drinking in winter.

1. Reduce harmful cholesterol

People who drink five cups of black tea a day, compared with those who drink colored drinks that look like tea, have different degrees of low-density lipoprotein reduction (7% - 11%). LDL, known as' bad cholesterol ', increases the risk of heart disease.

2. Prevention of osteoporosis

Black tea contains not only a variety of water-soluble vitamins, but also a lot of trace element potassium. After brewing, 70% of potassium can be dissolved in the tea. Research shows that potassium can not only enhance the blood circulation of the heart, but also prevent or reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. In addition, manganese in black tea is also one of the indispensable elements of bone structure.

3. Prevention and treatment of influenza

Some substances contained in black tea can effectively kill the influenza virus. It is often used to gargle or drink black tea directly to prevent influenza. The researchers soaked the virus infected area in black tea solution four times thinner than usual for only a few seconds and found that the virus would lose its infectivity.

Introduced the advantages of drinking black tea in winter, then the disadvantages of drinking black tea in winter, do you understand?

The disadvantages of drinking black tea in winter

1. Black tea is not suitable for cold drinking, otherwise it will affect the effect of black tea, not only can not warm the stomach, but also if it is put too long, the nutritional value of tea will be reduced, and it is easy to induce diarrhea.

2. Many people like to add sugar to black tea. In fact, they usually drink tea to stimulate the digestive gland with the help of the bitter taste of tea, speed up the secretion of digestive fluid, so as to achieve the effect of promoting digestion. If sugar is added to tea, it will inhibit digestion and heat clearing effect. In general, black tea is not suitable to drink with sugar. However, there is a diet therapy method of tea with white sugar in ancient books, which is used as diet therapy Sure.

3. At night, when drinking black tea, you should put less tea, and avoid drinking strong black tea, so as not to be too excited to sleep.

Finally, it is not suitable to drink tea on an empty stomach, otherwise it will easily hurt people, inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, hinder digestion, and even cause "tea intoxication" in serious cases.