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How to eliminate fat particles quickly? What are the ways to eliminate fat particles

Excessive nutrition in the skin will easily produce fat granules. Fat grain, such as the size of rice grain, although it has no effect on the health of the body, but it really affects the beauty, so how can fat grain be quickly eliminated? What are the methods to eliminate fat grain?

How to eliminate fat particles?

1. vitamin E

After washing your face every night, use vitamin E oil to smear the fat particles on your face. After about two weeks, the fat particles on your face will dry out. At this time, the fat particles will fall off easily, but sometimes it has no effect. Although the method of applying vitamin E on the face is relatively reliable, but it takes a long time, and vitamin E is not useful for all fat particles, it has no effect on a large number of fat particles, and it will make more and more fat particles.

2. Massage oil and eye cream remove fat particles

Eye is the place where fat particles are most likely to form. To eliminate the fat particles in this area, eye cream can be used. If you want to remove the fat particles on your face, you need to use massage oil or makeup remover oil. For eye cream, apply appropriate amount to the skin around the eyes, gently press and pat with your finger abdomen, then massage in circles along the skin around the eyes to promote the absorption of eye cream, and pay attention to the gentle strength.

For massage oil, apply appropriate amount to the part where fat particles need to be removed. With gentle massage, slowly bring out fat particles. If it is used on the nose, it can also remove blackheads. It takes a long time to use this method, and the massage time must be enough, generally about 15 minutes. Note that this method cannot be used frequently.

3. detoxification

Due to the presence of oil particles in the eyes and face, most of them are due to the imbalance of the body's endocrine, resulting in the excessive secretion of oil on the face. In addition, the skin is not thoroughly cleaned, resulting in pore blockage, resulting in the formation of fat particles. So many people think of using some detoxification and beauty care capsules or tea with detoxification effect to improve. In fact, the effect of these drugs is not good, usually they are only detoxified and can not nourish the face. Because the difference between their efficacy and cathartic is not big, they all let people get rid of the poison in the body through purgative, and the effect of everyone's trial is not satisfactory.

4. Physiological regulation

Part of the formation of fat granules is related to endocrine disorders in the body, which is caused by metabolic disorders in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate in physiology. Usually do some aerobic sports, can promote the blood circulation of the body, accelerate the metabolism of the skin can make the skin more moist and smooth.