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What flowers do you want for Thanksgiving? How much do you know about the flower language of various

Thanksgiving has children to give their mothers carnations, but also between lovers to send roses, there is also a kind of called secret love, do not want to send a more clear expression of love flowers, want to obscure a little, but about the flower language and not how to understand, afraid of sending the wrong! Let's take a look at the flowers for Thanksgiving? What kind of flowers are suitable for sending?

Part 1 common flowers of Thanksgiving bouquet

Thanksgiving Day flowers / Angel - long white perfume lily 4 branches, white rose 9 branches

Material: long white perfume lily 4 branches, white rose 9 branches, yellow Oriole ornament.

Packaging: the inner layer is white and sky blue cotton paper circular packaging, the outer layer is sky blue mesh around two circles, tied with the same color ribbon.

Flower language: you are an angel, give me a happy angel!

Suitable for: mother, female teacher, female friend and lover

In the traditional concept, it is generally believed that roses are suitable for sending lovers. However, roses are not only for lovers. They symbolize love and beauty. A few simple and graceful roses can create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere, which is indispensable in all kinds of flower art works. Generally, red roses are suitable for lovers, while roses of other colors can be matched with lilies, carnations for mothers, female teachers or other women.

Sunflower language: silent love, unchangeable love

Thanksgiving flowers / father's love like a mountain -- 16 sunflowers

Material: 16 sunflowers with sword leaves

Packaging: dark blue and white kraft paper (or no kraft paper, replaced by corrugated paper), light blue flower knot

Flower language: wider than the ocean is the sky / wider than the sky is your heart / the wrinkles on your forehead record the ups and downs / your life is a magnificent poem!

Suitable for: father, grandfather and other male elders

Some love is direct, overwhelming, surging to let the world know that you belong to him, some love is deep and powerful, he is not good at expression, will not love you directly, but your growth is his devotion and energy; he always pays attention to it silently, no matter how far you go, no matter how successful or unsuccessful you are, there will always be his firm and watchful love. Father's love is speechless. I think sunflowers that remind me of light and courage are probably the most representative of father's deep love!

Part 3 Lily language: purity and blessing

Thanksgiving flowers / love blessings ----2 white perfume lily, 19 pink carnations

Materials: 2 white perfume lily, 19 pink carnations, and oriole collocation.

Package: white mesh on the inner layer, pink flat paper on the outer layer, champagne and pink double ribbon knot

Flower language: Carnation + lily, warm, pure, warm heart, let the flower transmit: love is care, love is dedication, is the pain of missing, is the sweet memory, is inseparable! Is the hope of morning and dusk heart shaking & hellip; & hellip;

Suitable for: any group

As long as you are not allergic to lilies, lilies are the best choice when you don't know what flowers to send. Lily, a symbol of purity and blessing, has conquered most people with its quiet and introverted temperament. Blessed by this kind of flowers, people will have the same pure and naive nature as lilies. Its tranquility is meaningful, which can resist the temptation of the outside world and not be confused by the outside world.