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Can pregnant women take vitamin C effervescent tablets? What are the precautions for pregnant women

vitamin C effervescent tablets contain high-quality ingredients, which can help reduce the severity of cold, and also provide nutrients for human body every day. So, can pregnant women take vitamin C effervescent tablets during pregnancy? What are the precautions for pregnant women to take vitamin C effervescent tablets?

can pregnant women take vitamin C effervescent tablets? Pregnant women can take some vitamin C effervescent tablets, during pregnancy, the level of vitamin C in the mother will gradually decline, to about 50% at the time of delivery. Therefore, adequate vitamin C supplementation for pregnant women can prevent fetal congenital malformation, in addition, vitamin C is beneficial to human body, it can promote the synthesis of collagen, increase bone density, and prevent iron deficiency anemia; It can also promote the strengthening of steroids, reduce blood cholesterol, detoxify and eliminate free radicals. However, if excessive intake (more than 1000 mg), it will affect the development of embryo, because large doses of vitamin C can make the internal environment of pregnant women become acidic, which is not conducive to the development of germ cells, and long-term excessive intake will cause fetal bad blood disease after birth. In addition, taking vitamin C many times more than the normal dose may stimulate the gastric mucosa of pregnant women to cause bleeding and form urinary calculi. Generally, it is not recommended that pregnant women take vitamin C effervescent tablets for a long time or drink it as a drink. Under the condition of proper cooking, ordinary people can basically meet the needs of vitamin C every day by eating vegetables and fruits in proper amount every day. Moreover, eating fresh vegetables and fruits can also get other vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and beneficial phytochemicals.

Precautions for pregnant women taking vitamin C effervescent tablets: 1. The difference between it and ordinary tablets is that it also contains effervescent disintegrating agent. If taken directly, it will combine with water in the mouth, esophagus and stomach, quickly dissolve and release a large amount of carbon dioxide, causing irritating adverse reactions. 2. If you drink the instant vitamin C solution for a long time, the vitamin C dissolved in the water will also be oxidized, so it will fail. 3. It is not allowed to brew tea or beverage because the commonly used effervescent disintegrating agent is composed of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, and the theophylline contained in tea water and the sodium benzoate and other components in beverage will react with vitamin C or disintegrating agent, which will affect the efficacy. 4. If the water temperature is more than 60 ℃, the vitamin C will be damaged, and if the water temperature is 100 ℃, the vitamin C will be almost completely invalid. Therefore, it is best to use 40 ℃ warm water for brewing.