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What to do with dry skin

I believe that there are many girls, in order to have the delicate skin that can be broken by blowing bullets, they often spend a lot of energy and material resources to protect and moisturize the skin. But years of maintenance often destroy the 'dry skin' in this day. What's more, in the face of the "wasted" skin care products bought by cutting hands and burning money, it's really maddening! So, how can we fight against the evil spirits? Please follow Xiaobian's steps and teach you several ways to deal with 'dry skin'.

Generally, dry skin is caused by the change of seasons, resulting in water shortage and anemia. The skin becomes rough and thick as a result. Especially in autumn and winter, due to the dry air, the skin is exposed to this dry environment, resulting in the decrease of sebum and moisture. And if you have dry skin, it's very dry. Because of different groups, the degree of skin dryness varies with different skin properties. Generally, in these two seasons, the water content of the elderly will be greatly reduced. It is common that their limbs, especially the calves, will be dry and itchy. What's more, it can't stand dry itching. When grasping, it will cause skin damage and inflammation.

The reasons for dry skin can be divided into the following reasons:

1. It is due to the decrease of estrogen level and sebum secretion with the increase of age. The water locking function of the skin is decreased, resulting in dry skin.

2. Carelessness in living habits, such as using overheated water to bathe, or using some soap that seriously irritates the skin, etc.; for example, lack of sleep, excessive fatigue, excessive weight loss and partial diet, etc., causing physical damage. When your health is out of balance, it's hard to maintain your skin's vitality. So there will be dry skin; of course, often stay in the air-conditioned place, whether the skin has been timely replenished water will also appear dry skin.

At this time, you need to improve your dry skin from the following aspects. In the diet, drink more water, keep you a water person's foundation. Eat less spicy and stimulating food, eat more food rich in vitamin C; in life habits, if you are dry skin, you have to pay more attention to the maintenance of life. Generally some basic healthy living habits must be maintained to ensure good health. When using soaps and detergents, avoid the irritating ones. When the seasons change, pay attention to water supply.

Skin care can't start when there is a problem. The so-called maintenance is on a daily basis!