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What day is black Friday in 2018? Is there a big discount on black five in the United States

When is black Friday every year? Many netizens have been confused about it. In fact, the calculation of Black Friday is very simple. The fourth Friday in November is called Thanksgiving Day. After Thanksgiving, the next day is black Friday. You can also understand it as the fourth Friday in November.

Americans traditionally use different colors of ink to keep accounts. Red ink means loss, black ink means profit. After Thanksgiving, the demand for all kinds of goods has increased greatly. Businesses hope to make a lot of money, and the black ink is on their accounts. Therefore, it's not hard to understand why Westerners call such a crazy shopping day Black Friday Five).

According to this definition, black Friday Beijing date = 2018 Friday November 23rd, 2018, at 1 p.m., 27 o'clock on the eastern time of the United States, black five officially started, the big show is staged, the online shopping mall, whether it is comprehensive electric business or brand official website, will give awesome concessions, only once a year. Good goods often have slow hands. When it comes time, you should be quick and quick. When it's time to chop your hands, you should.

Black five can buy anything. The whole market is a big promotion. All kinds of gold box specials, all kinds of limited time, all kinds of specials. I'm not afraid that there are many small hair arrangers. I'm afraid that you can't buy them, and the card will burst.