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How does the abdomen catch cold to sleep at night do? How to help you

In life, we will always go to bed at night without covering things and stomachache, stomach cold diarrhea phenomenon! We also have many effective treatment methods in our life, which not only saves money, but also can achieve results in a short time. Here are a few simple tips to help you!

Usually, stomachache is accompanied by diarrhea after catching cold. In this case, the condition of stomachache will be improved when diarrhea is cured. If the diarrhea stops and the stomach aches, continue to take other measures to expel the wind. To stop diarrhea, you can go to the drugstore to buy norfloxacin and other drugs, or you can dispose of it by yourself. The specific way is to find a fresh ginger mashed into paste, and then take it with the ginger mixed with white wine. The effect of older ginger is good. You should take it with wine and ginger.

If there is a moxa stick at home, moxa stick can be used for moxa stick on the navel, which can also cure the stomachache caused by cold. Generally, one or two times of moxibustion can be done, each time for more than half an hour. Or you can cut a thick slice of ginger, then cover the ginger on the navel, put the burning wormwood on the ginger, bake the navel for more than half an hour, generally bake once or twice to cure the stomachache caused by the cold wind.

The hot compress of garlic and ginger can also be used to expel the wind and relieve the pain of stomach pain. This method is suitable for the situation of not heavy wind. The specific method is to pound some ginger and garlic, the ratio of the two is 1:1. After mixing, wrap them with gauze or towel, then heat them with fire, then apply them to the navel, cool them, then heat them with heat, and then apply them for about half an hour. Generally, it can be applied once or twice.

If the feeling of wind is not serious, you can also use cool oil, essence of wind oil and wind repellent oil to wipe the navel and its surroundings. Apply it three or two times a day to relieve pain. If the wind is more serious, it is best to use cupping to relieve pain. Pull out the cupping pot at the navel, and try to create a negative pressure with the traditional flame, so that the effect is better, do not aspirate the negative pressure.