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Woman anaemia eats these kinds of food! It's not afraid of anaemia anymore

Many female friends are generally a little anaemic. Under normal circumstances, the iron of the human body comes from food. The best food for nourishing blood is the carotene containing iron. Whether it's meat, vegetables or fruits, many of them are rich in iron. Here are some foods for women to eat for nourishing blood and anaemia!

There are mainly the following kinds of food for replenishing blood in daily life:

Choice of staple food and beans: purple rice, black rice, black beans, tofu skin, dried tofu and other bean products.

Selection of meat, egg and milk: pork, beef, mutton, animal liver, kidney, blood, fish, shrimp, squid, squid, octopus, eggs, dairy products, etc.

Choice of vegetables: black fungus, cauliflower, spinach, carrot, celery, rape, tomato, lotus root, hairdressing, etc.

Fruit selection: jujube, mulberry, longan meat, raisin, litchi, cherry, peach, orange, etc.

Others: black sesame, pine nuts, brown sugar, etc.

These are common blood tonic foods. At the same time, blood tonic foods can be divided into three categories according to different nutritional structures:

[protein rich blood tonic food]

Protein is an essential component of hemoglobin, so people who need blood supplement should eat more protein rich foods such as beans, fish, eggs, such as black beans, tofu skin, dried tofu and other bean products, eggs, dairy products, fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, squid and so on.

[eat vitamin rich fruits and vegetables]

Fruits or vegetables are also rich in iron or vitamin C. vitamin C can promote the absorption and utilization of iron. We should eat more fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content. In addition, green leafy vegetables contain folic acid, and the substances necessary for the growth and development of red blood cells are B vitamins (vitamin B12, folic acid).

[iron rich food]

As the saying goes, replenish blood and iron first, because iron is the main raw material for hematopoiesis, and replenish blood for anemia. We should eat more foods rich in iron, such as animal liver, kidney, animal blood, pork, beef, mutton, kelp, black fungus, mushroom, egg yolk, broad bean, laver, celery, oil vegetable, date, longan meat, mulberry, purple raisin, etc., of which black fungus is the most abundant 。