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Will tmall double 11 refund red bag return in 2018? Tmall double 11 red bag refund rules

The 2018 China Shopping Festival "tmall double 11" is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary on November 11 this year. How many things have you bought by cutting your hands? Will tmall return the red packet on November 11? Let's learn about tmall double 11 return rules.

Will the refund red packet be returned on November 11, 2018

Double eleven red envelopes are marketing tools that are configured by the seller according to the official marketing activities or shop activities of Taobao. When the buyer meets certain conditions in the shop transaction, the consumption amount can be deducted. It is applicable to Taobao's official marketing activities and shop activities supporting shop red envelopes. According to the form set by the seller.

Refund rules for red packets in double eleven stores

1. If a full refund is initiated for an order using the red envelope of the store before the receipt is confirmed, and the red envelope of the store is still in the validity period when the refund is completed, the red envelope of the store will be returned to the buyer's account. When the refund is completed, if the store's red packet is invalid, the store's red packet will not be returned; when part of the refund is completed, the store's red packet will not be returned.

2. If the buyer initiates a refund application for the order using the shop red packet, the cash refund limit is only limited to the actual payment amount, that is, the actual amount after deducting the shop red packet apportionment deduction amount. For example, if the buyer purchases 40 yuan for a commodity + 60 yuan for B commodity in one order, 10 yuan for store red bag, 90 yuan = 36 yuan for a commodity + 54 yuan for B commodity.

If the buyer initiates a full refund, 90 yuan will be refunded (if the red bag is still in use, 10 yuan will be refunded to the store). The buyer initiated a full refund of goods, 36 yuan. The buyer initiates a full refund of B goods, with a refund of 54 yuan.