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Is it better to keep warm or down? So many years ago, I was wrong

Do you wear a jacket or a down jacket in winter? It is said that the warm keeping effect of the stormsuit is very good. As we all know, why don't many outdoor explorers, climbers and so on all over the world choose our winter warm down jacket in such cold temperature?

In fact, people who have used the submachine suit, as we all know, the submachine suit has the function of windproof and water-proof, the outside wind will not enter the body, and the sweat in the body can be easily discharged through the vent hole. This ensures that after a large amount of heat is generated under the action, sweat will not be formed due to the impermeability or poor permeability of the clothes on the body.

The secret of clothing warmth preservation is to reduce the air flow in the body. The slower the air flow, the warmer the body. Form a non flowing air flow. When the air stops flowing, the heat conduction function will be stopped, and the heat of the body will not be lost. The charge clothes are divided into three layers. The fleece coat is a warm layer. The outer layer blocks the strong wind, and the lower opening adopts the wind proof design to prevent the wind from pouring in from the bottom.

And the down jacket is filled with fillings. Although the down jacket is warm and has good fruits, it depends on the amount of down fillings. But there will be gaps in the sewing area of the joint of the down jacket with poor quality, and the wind will get into it. What's more, down will lose its warmth if it encounters too much heat or water. But the charge clothing is the pressure glue windproof fabric, will not have the drill wind question. The zipper of the down jacket is not as good as the link of the jacket. The zipper of the jacket is waterproof and windproof.

Therefore, in winter, the warm keeping effect of a year's outdoor transport is better than that of a down jacket.

Although it is said that the warm keeping effect of the submachine suit is better than that of the down suit, the author should remind the vast number of friends to choose the regular, high-quality and popular goods when purchasing the submachine suit.