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How does female caesarean section postpartum restore quickly? Key points of postpartum gas discharge

now many mothers will choose caesarean section during delivery. Although caesarean section does not feel much pain during delivery, it will feel pain once the postpartum anesthetic strength is over! Women's exhaust after childbirth is also very important. Let's take a look at it.

In fact, the purpose of exhaust is to exhaust some of the exhaust gas and excess gas in the belly, so as to facilitate the recovery of the body's vitality as soon as possible after the birth of Baoma. If it can't be discharged in time, there will be many hazards, so it is necessary to exhaust as soon as possible, but Baoma should know how to exhaust after the cesarean section, so as to suffer less.

1. Get out of bed as soon as possible after delivery

Many mothers of caesarean section are reluctant to get out of bed after the effectiveness of postpartum anesthetics. But it's not right. After 24 hours of operation, many nurses will ask their families to accompany their mothers to get out of bed. This is to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent adhesion of some organs in the viscera In the beginning, you may feel dizzy when you walk a few steps. This is normal. Take a rest.

2. Use of related drugs

If it can't be discharged, you can consult the relevant doctors, because it can also exhaust. Generally, you can take some drugs that can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. If it's serious, you can use enema and suppository, but it's only used in the last resort. After all, for the new mother after childbirth, she is not comfortable at all It's also painful to suffer from such a crime. Generally speaking, it's not recommended to use it.

3. Gently massage the abdomen

In addition to getting out of bed activities, family members can massage the abdomen of the new mother, generally from top to bottom, once every 2-3 hours. The massage time is about 10-20 minutes, which can not only promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis of the new mother, but also let the uterus and vagina discharge some residual blood, of course, it can also discharge gas.

After giving birth to a baby, the doctor will tell Baoma to expel the Qi, because she is afraid of intestinal adhesion. If there is farting after childbirth, it means that Baoma has recovered the basic functions of the stomach and intestines. If there is no farting, she should consult the doctor to see if her condition is normal. Generally, she can only carry out liquid food after the stomach and intestines are normal Eating, if not recovered to eat, then it will lead to gastrointestinal can not bear, abnormal.

In the six hours after cesarean section, the parturient should strictly fast, mainly because the efficacy of anesthetic has not been completely eliminated. At this time, if eating, it is likely to cause cough and vomiting. If thirsty, you can moisten your lips with cotton swab or feed a small half spoon of water at intervals to relieve it.

Postpartum exhaust indicates that the intestinal function has gradually recovered, basically eliminating the possibility of intestinal adhesion, and it is not suitable to eat too much food at this time. The diet for the first two days after caesarean section should be mainly liquid food, such as rice soup. Pay attention not to eat food with too much gas, such as milk, soymilk, etc. The new mother should chew and swallow slowly as much as possible when eating, which is conducive to better digestion and absorption of food, and avoid postpartum flatulence.

It's a task for many mothers to exhaust as soon as possible after cesarean section. Besides proper activities, massage and other methods, they can also drink some radish soup and use diet therapy to promote postpartum exhaust. In addition, four to six hours after the delivery of the caesarean section, we should pay attention to * urination in time to prevent urinary retention from causing urinary tract infection. Generally speaking, the speed of recovery after caesarean section is slower than that of normal delivery, and there are more things to pay attention to. Most mothers should pay more attention to caesarean section.