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How old can children learn to take chopsticks? How to teach children how to take chopsticks

Chinese people like to use chopsticks when they eat. It's a Chinese tradition. Chopsticks are used as a tool for eating. How to teach children how to handle chopsticks? How old can children learn how to handle chopsticks?

1. Children learn to use chopsticks wiser

Chopsticks are traditional tableware in China. For children, learning to use chopsticks is not only a heritage, but also conducive to physical and mental health.

When people use chopsticks, five fingers can work well together to drive the joints and muscles of wrist, palm, arm and shoulder, and effectively exercise the brain. Training children to use chopsticks is not only helpful for fine movements, but also improves intelligence.

It is suggested to start training around the age of 3 and learn to clip popcorn first. Parents first demonstrate, and then let children put popcorn from one bowl into another empty bowl, and guide and assist properly. After the child is proficient in operation, he / she will be replaced with soybeans. Although the speed is slow and the success rate is low, don't let the child give up. Parents can encourage the child to try. About 20 minutes per workout. After training, you can try to let children eat with chopsticks. Parents can also choose some children to practice chopsticks as an assistant and use them alternately with ordinary non slip chopsticks. As long as they are taught repeatedly and patiently, children can learn well.

In addition, it is important to choose a pair of chopsticks for children. It is suggested to choose natural bamboo chopsticks or children's chopsticks, which are non-toxic and harmless. The upper end is preferably square and the lower end is round. Do not choose to paint or paint chopsticks, the more natural the better. Chopsticks should not be too long, the surface should be smooth without burr, and the thickness should be good if the child can hold them without any effort. Special chopsticks must be used for special purpose, cleaned carefully after use, sterilized after drying to ensure safety. Disinfected chopsticks are best placed in a dry and ventilated place. Chopsticks should be replaced regularly. Long used chopsticks have rough surfaces and are prone to bacteria and dirt.

2. How to teach children how to use chopsticks

1. Strong atmosphere

Teach your baby to eat with chopsticks. Be sure to have a good learning atmosphere. Let the little guy learn to use chopsticks in the process of being influenced. On the dining table, let the baby see that everyone is eating with chopsticks as much as possible, and can make exaggerated actions in front of him, such as slowly feeding food into the mouth, eating with satisfaction, so that the baby thinks it's very interesting to eat like this. Don't give the baby other tableware, let the baby slowly get used to eating with chopsticks, often no choice, progress faster.

2. Encourage the most important

In the process of learning new skills, in addition to interest, the baby also has to pay, and will encounter some difficulties. Your encouragement will give him a powerful motivation. Don't blame him when he falls down because he can't pick up the food and his fingers are too inflexible to fill the floor with food. Use your best words to comfort and encourage him and let him know that you have been supporting him all the time.

3. Force not to

Before learning new skills, the baby will show a certain desire, such as grabbing chopsticks in your hand, staring at other people's eating actions, like playing with chopsticks and so on. So your task is to grasp the details of his interest, not to force him to learn because he is the age he should learn, which is the opposite. It's best to let it go!

4. Teach the baby to grasp chopsticks correctly

Parents first make a demonstration, first of all, use thumb, index finger, middle finger to hold one, tiger mouth and ring finger to hold the other, the holding one can move, so as to hold the meal. Baby may not understand at first, always want to grasp chopsticks according to their own ideas, parents do not worry, slowly help children correct.

5. Choose the right chopsticks

The purpose of chopsticks training is to help all children over 2 years old who can't use chopsticks or can't use chopsticks correctly learn how to use chopsticks. Training chopsticks is a new concept of children's tableware, which can make children easily accept the use of chopsticks, be interested in chopsticks, achieve the concentration, adaptability and intelligent development of finger movements and grasping objects. Chopsticks as one of our daily dining utensils, when the baby is about 3 years old, he should let him learn to use them.