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What do you know about the harm of yellow teeth? It turns out that there's a problem with yellow tee

It is said that teeth are a person's second face. Through our facial condition, we can not only see our living condition, but also directly see our physical condition. Usually, we will see that many people always have yellow teeth. In fact, there is a certain degree of health risk in yellow teeth! Let's have a look!

what are the health risks of tooth yellow?

1. The harm of yellow teeth affects mental health. Just as we want to be liked, respected and cultivated by the people around us, it is a universal characteristic of human beings to look at a person's physical appearance. If they are not satisfied with their teeth, some patients may comfort themselves by negative reactions to society or by damaging their self-esteem.

2. Yellow teeth affect people's external image. Yellow teeth patients smile will show a yellow teeth, which will have a great impact on a person's external image. As time goes on, it will produce inferiority.

How to prevent yellow teeth?

1. Dairy products make teeth stronger. They are the best source of calcium and phosphorus we need, the main mineral materials of tooth enamel and root supporting bone. Mineralization of mastodon began in the fourth month of pregnancy, and mineralization of stone teeth began in the first year of birth. After tooth formation, enamel is renewed and maintained.

2. Drink more mineral water, which is a natural source of fluorine. The natural mineral water meets the demand of human body for fluorine. Fluoride can increase the enamel of teeth, strengthen teeth, and protect teeth from microbial attack. Most mineral water contains 0.3 mg of fluorine per liter, but some contain as much as 8 mg per liter. We can also see fluorinated salt on the table.

3. One toothpaste per month. Do not use a toothpaste for a long time. The brand and type can be changed monthly. Moreover, the longer the toothpaste is used, the higher the chance of contact with bacteria, so it is suitable to choose the toothpaste for one month.

4. Take advantage of chocolate and sugar free gum. In 'sugar free' chewing gum, sucrose is replaced by sweet polyols, but it will not lead to caries: xylitol plays a role of sterilization, which is conducive to reducing dental plaque.

5. Brush your teeth with warm water. Before brushing, soak the toothpaste brush head in warm water at about 35 ℃ for 1-3 minutes. In this way, the bristles can become soft and elastic, reducing the friction loss of the bristles to the teeth and the stimulation damage to the gums.

6. Eat more vitamin C teeth protection food. If you lack vitamin C, you may have periodontal disease, so you must eat a tooth protection food rich in vitamin C every day. Vegetables, oranges and lemons all contain a variety of trace elements and rich vitamin C, which can not be ignored as tooth protection food. When necessary, vitamin C tablets can also be taken for supplement.