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Collect the grapefruit! It's time-saving and labor-saving

Grapefruit, loved by everyone, grapefruit has a high content of vitamin C! It's better for people who want to whiten and beautify their faces to eat grapefruit! Although grapefruit is good, but we generally don't like peeling. Let's teach you how to peel it, which is time-saving and labor-saving! The friend that likes to eat grapefruit collects!

how to cut grapefruit better?

First place the grapefruit horizontally, then point the kitchen knife at the end of the grapefruit

Hold the other side of the grapefruit with one hand, and keep a little distance from the kitchen knife! Cut the other hand slowly

Mark every interval of a distance, about 4-5 knives, each knife is subject to not cutting the pulp

Peel the grapefruit peel slowly according to the cut

Don't peel the grapefruit to the end!

Press the grapefruit peel tightly with one hand and pull up the pulp with the other

Successfully peeled

Put the pomelo skin on your head and it will become a pomelo hat! You can also paint your teak cap!

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