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Can refa massager be used in lactation? Does refa massage machine have a good effect on face reducti

Refa massager is a very good product for face slimming and beauty effect, especially many beauty bloggers and stars in xiaohongshu are recommending it, so for expectant mothers, can refa massager be used during lactation?

1. Can it be used during lactation

Breast feeding skin is easy to be sensitive, so it is best to consult a doctor before using refa beauty instrument, and the doctor will make suggestions according to your condition. Refa beauty instrument works together through micro current and massage. It is safe and healthy to use, and will not affect the milk during lactation, so you don't need to worry about it. As long as refa beauty instrument is not allergic, it can still be used.

2. Consequences of lactation use

If refa beauty instrument is used during lactation, it will only cause allergy at most, and there will be no other bad consequences. If the skin is allergic, it will affect the baby, because the allergen will be transferred to the baby through milk, so once the allergy is caused after using refa, it is necessary to stop breastfeeding temporarily, and continue breastfeeding after the skin recovers.

3. The effect of refa beauty instrument

Refa beauty instrument converts the solar energy into the same micro current as the bioelectricity of human body through the photoelectric panel, and fully transmits it to skin cells through germanium and platinum, so as to recover the metabolism function of skin cells, stimulate the increase of skin collagen, and achieve the purpose of firming and anti-aging.

There is a bioelectric current in the human body to keep the body healthy. With the increase of age, the pressure of environment and work, the bioelectric current of the human body becomes weaker and weaker. This is the "channel blockage" in traditional Chinese medicine, which is an important factor leading to aging and disease. The refa beauty instrument is very suitable for improving the problem of "channel blockage" in traditional Chinese medicine. The combination of physical massage and micro current can stimulate the generation of biological current in the body to the greatest extent and achieve the complementary effect.

4. Refa beauty instrument taboo

(1) Forbidden population

Refa beauty instrument in the use process will produce magnetic field, and the magnetic field has an impact on the fetus, and may even increase the risk of abortion, so pregnant women can not use it. In addition, people with metal allergy, skin disease, physiological period, paralysis or sensory impairment, and patients with bone disease can not use refa beauty instrument, otherwise, they are likely to be allergic and injured in the use process.

(2) Forbidden part

Refa beauty instrument can't be used in wound, eczema / acne / suppurative disease, dermatitis, over sunburn and just depilated parts, because micro current stimulation will make the above situation more serious, and it will also hurt the injured skin in the process of massage. Plastic surgery parts, implanted metal / plastic / silica gel and other parts can not be used, because refa beauty instrument works by grasping and releasing muscles, which will cause dislocation and unimaginable consequences.

5. Working principle of beauty instrument

In fact, there are many types of beauty instruments. Different types of beauty instruments work in different ways. For example, the current and electric pulse are used for beauty instruments. This kind of beauty instrument uses the micro current pulse regulation technology to massage and stimulate the acupoints of the human face, so as to tighten the skin, make the skin more smooth and elastic Objective: in the process of operation, the beauty instrument with micro vibration mode uses mechanical vibration and releases certain voltage to stimulate the skin, make the skin contract and enhance the metabolism of skin cells to achieve the purpose of beauty.