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Where can I get the lolig Championship package? Ig Championship event gift bag collection address sh

after ig won the championship, Tencent officially released a wave of feedback benefits, which will be divided into three waves! It's really exciting for Ig to win the championship. Many netizens don't know where to get the lolig event gift bag? Now let's bring benefits to you! Ig Championship event gift bag collection address sharing!

Collection address of Ig Championship activity gift bag:

On November 3, 2018, the Ig team defeated the Fnatic team with a score of 3:0 in the 2018 hero League global finals, and won the highest honor - the champion of the hero League global finals, which set a perfect ending for the annual grand slam of LPL, and also made our dream of eight years of global finals champion come true! Summoners, let's shout out to the world: 'we are champions! '

Ig champion skin chest: open it and get a permanent skin at random. The treasure chest prize pool contains 5011 copies of 'ice bomb gulagas' rare limited skin. I would like to congratulate Ig. Ning on winning the first MVP of the LPL global finals.

Ig champion Summoner icon treasure chest: after opening, a permanent Summoner icon will be randomly obtained.

Ig champion bonus card treasure chest: open it and get a winning bonus card at random.

Ig winning event gift bag collection address: / 152 / 4579 / 4580 / m3106 / 201811 / 772397.shtml

The above is a small edition for you to bring the Ig Championship event gift bag to receive the address to share the relevant introduction!