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Tips for life what to do with sunburn

Blink of an eye is the beginning of the school season. With the new students entering the school every year, an essential skill is military training. Many people really love and hate military training. Military training is too hot and the sun is too toxic. What should I do if I am sunburned? My skin is more sensitive to sunburn how to do and so on a series of questions come one after another, let's step into today's life tips, let's see sunburn how to do? How to fix it?

In fact, as long as we do a good job of sunscreen, usually there is no problem of sunburn. However, there are always some people who are willing to go against the road, but they do not believe it and do not do sunscreen work. Only when their face is red, swollen and peeling can they think of the importance of sunscreen work. Once the skin is sunburned, it will be sunburnt and long spot if it is light. If it is serious, it will cause inflammation and infection.

Take a look at your sunburn. If it's not too serious, you can apply cold compress, spray some toner with soothing and repairing effect or apply aloe vera gel. You can also use towel cold compress, or directly wash with cold water to cool your skin. If the condition is serious, such as fever and chills caused by blisters, do not hesitate to go to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Here, it should be noted that after sunburn, it is not allowed to bathe with hot water, which will aggravate the sunburn symptoms; it is not allowed to eat seafood, spicy and other foods, which will cause or aggravate skin inflammation; it is good to recuperate and recuperate at home, avoid direct sunlight, and prevent second sunburn of the skin.

After sunburn, the first aid effect must be in line with the late sun repair. Wash the face with a cool, mild, non irritating product. Troublemore, choose to wash your face with clear water. Choose the essence of moisturizing, repairing good effect or face mask. No matter which one you choose, do not use products containing alcohol, because alcohol will irritate the skin and aggravate sunburn.

The last step is to prevent blackening. At this time, you can use some whitening products containing VC and derivatives. Do not use too fast or too hard, or it will backfire!

Instead of worrying about how to do and how to repair the sunburn, we should do a good job in sunscreen and protect the skin in all aspects. Don't worry about not leaving a little hidden danger for sunburn.