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President Wang Sicong lottery restrictions Wang Sicong Koi will be born

Weibo exploded! On the evening of November 6, Wang Sicong launched the "month of winning" activity to celebrate Ig's championship, and said that he would take four waves this month, the first wave would take 113 people each with 10000 yuan. The additional condition is that huangza and Tencent lol employees are not allowed to participate.

After ig won the championship, the official Championship month of LPL hero League event intentionally or unintentionally ignored the credit of Ig team, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction of Ig fans.

Wang Sicong, the boss of Ig, came out to negotiate, and he personally launched the micro blog roll with a million bonus. In the comments, Huang Za and Tencent lol employees were forbidden to participate. Seeing that Wang Sicong's move attracted the support of many fans at lightning station, the officials of the hero League were very embarrassed and did not respond to Wang Sicong's move for the time being.

Wang Sicong also explained that what he said about huangza has nothing to do with the RNG club official, aiming at the words and deeds of some people in the RNG fan group.