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Is Keyan eye cream easy to use? What age is avocado eye cream suitable for?

Eyes are the window of the soul. Do many girls dream of having bright and moving eyes? What kind of eye cream do you use now? As the first necessary eye cream for girls, have you heard of avocado eye cream?

Is Keyan's avocado eye cream easy to use

Ke Yan's butter butter eye cream is cream colored cream. Its texture is fresh and sticky. It is between cream and dew. There is almost no fragrance. If you come near to smell it, you will have a faint smell of ointment, which meets the requirements of nature, safety and gentleness. If you are afraid of long fat particles, don't smear them too thick. Use them before going to bed. Smear them gently on the eyes, and then use your fingers to light them back and forth until the cream body is transparent and melting slowly, and then it can be better absorbed completely. The light and transparent eye cream can quickly penetrate into the skin. In terms of its own function, the butter fruit eye cream is only suitable for the MM that only needs to be moistened. I think it is suitable for the younger mm.

The effect of Keyan's avocado eye cream

Vitamin A, vitamin E and avocado essence of Ke Yan butter fruit eye cream can moisturize people of all ages. The time of skin relaxation, wrinkles and other problems around each eye is different. Oily skin is relatively late, while dry skin is relatively early. Keyan's avocado eye cream can effectively dry and oily skin eyes of the first fine lines appear, Keyan's avocado eye cream can enhance the skin antioxidant capacity, moisturize and soothe the delicate eye week relax aging skin, let the skin recover young elastic vitality.

Keyan's avocado eye cream can't improve fat pouch

Keyan's avocado eye cream has the greatest effect on moisturizing and fine lines, or preventing fine lines. Girls with dry skin can use Keyan's avocado eye cream as soon as possible after they have certain economic ability. For hereditary black eye circles and fatty eye bags, Keyan's avocado eye cream can't be effectively eliminated (other eye creams can't do the same), eye bags, crow's feet lines and so on need more medical cosmetology, micro plastic and other means.

Keyan's avocado eye cream for age

Keyan's avocado eye cream has no strict applicable age. Generally, if you are in a dry area or a dry skin, you can use Keyan's avocado eye cream in your teens or early twenties. However, if the eye skin is in good condition and oily, you can use Keyan's avocado eye cream from the age of 25.

Genetic factors determine your age with avocado eye cream

At what age do you use Keyan avocado eye cream? In fact, it can also be determined by observing whether there are wrinkles on the skin around your parents' eyes: if one of your parents looks older and has more fine lines around your eyes, you need to use Keyan avocado eye cream as soon as possible, because the dry lines and fine lines around your eyes will also be determined by heredity, so 18 years old or above can make Use the moisturizing eye cream such as Keyan's avocado eye cream to prevent the production of the first fine lines of the eyes.