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Is Alipay goal reliable? Can we make money

Alipay has a lot of financial products on it. Alipay's target investment is equivalent to the revenue target set in advance, and then the fund is set to invest. So, is Alipay objective reliable? Can we make money? Let's get to know.

Is Alipay goal reliable?

The target of Alipay's target investment is the C fund of the Celestica Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index. First, we need to select a target rate of return (4% to 10%) to open the target investment, then set up the single fixed investment amount, the fixed investment time (weekly, every two weeks or monthly) and the payment method. In each fund's fixed investment cycle, Alipay will automatically buy the fund, and the fund will be sold automatically after reaching the target rate of return.

The target yield of the target investment corresponds to different success probability. For example, the yield of 10% is 80% likely to be completed within 15 months. This value is calculated based on the past trend of the CSI 300 index, and does not represent the expected future earnings.

Xiaobian believes that the automatic fixed investment helps to persist for a long time, while the automatic sale of profit does not need to be entangled when it is sold. This is the characteristic of Alipay's target investment. In short, the target investment in the fixed investment operation helps users improve the probability of making money. If you stick to its rules all the time, this product is still very feasible.

Analysis of the reliability of the C fund of Tianhong CSI 300 index

Celestica Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index C fund is Alipay's target investment fund, and it was only established in April 2018. Whether an index fund is good or not depends on its performance compared with that of the index. From the perspective of performance trend, the performance of the fund in recent June was - 13.02%, while that of the CSI 300 index was - 15.49%, which exceeded the performance of the index. This fund is relatively good.

Summary: from the above two aspects of analysis, Alipay target investment is a more reliable way of fund investment, can effectively stop profits, bag for safety. The whole process automatic investment operation is also helpful for users to stick to the investment for a long time and improve the probability of making money from the investment.

PayPal target investment is a relatively reliable way of fund investment. If you are interested, you can buy this product. There are many financial products on Alipay, but there are risks in investment, so we should be cautious.