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2018 Shanghai Import and export Expo time and place introduction of Shanghai Import and export Expo

On November 5, the first China International Fair will open in Shanghai. More than 3000 enterprises and 160000 purchasers from more than 130 countries will participate in the fair. How much do you know about the Expo? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

China International Import Expo is the world's first large-scale import themed Expo. Seven exhibition areas have been set up in the fair, covering consumer electronics and home appliances, clothing and daily necessities, automobiles, intelligent and high-end equipment, food and agricultural products, medical devices, medical care and service trade. In addition to a full range of categories, there are even more than 100 products and technologies that are the first in the world.

time and place

Time: November 5-10, 2018

November 5: important guests and media day

November 6-8: professional audience day

November 9-10: social audience day (officially arranged group audience)

Venue: No. 168, Yinggang East Road, Qingpu District, National Convention and Exhibition Center (South Gate)

Warm tip: the first Expo will neither receive ordinary visitors nor sell any tickets. Please know!! ordinary visitors can't enter the Expo, but you can still buy it! It is reported that after the closing of the Expo, the main platform of exhibit 'extension' will enter Hongqiao Business District, where the public can buy the exhibits.