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What are the precursors of NPC? How to prevent NPC?

nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a kind of malignant tumor that occurs in the top and side walls of the nasopharynx cavity. What are the precursors of NPC? How to prevent nasal cancer?

What are the precursors of NPC?

The first sign of NPC: stuffy nose

This is a very typical symptom of NPC, often in the early stage. Generally, unilateral nose is blocked, but because it is too similar to rhinitis, so the clinical misdiagnosis rate is very high. When the tumor expands, there will also be bilateral nose blockage. In addition, when there is a stuffy nose, most of them will be accompanied by runny blood, which usually appears after getting up.

Aura 2 of NPC: frequent tinnitus

When the tumor grows in the medial or lateral fossa of the nasopharynx, it will cause tinnitus because of the pressure on the eustachian tube. In severe cases, the patient will also have hearing loss. It should be noted that this kind of symptom is very similar to otitis media. It must be distinguished.

Aura 3 of NPC: long time headache

Headache is also the first symptom of NPC, and the position of pain is generally not fixed. Headache is very common in our life, so it is difficult to pay attention to it. But if headache, tinnitus and nasal obstruction occur at the same time, we must be alert. We must not take painkillers blindly, or we may miss the best treatment opportunity.

The fourth sign of NPC: lymphadenopathy

Lymphadenopathy is a very common inflammatory symptom, but for NPC patients, this kind of swelling can not be cured by conventional anti-inflammatory treatment, even in serious cases, lymphadenopathy rapidly increases. Therefore, when finding this symptom, we must see a doctor immediately to avoid losing the best opportunity to treat NPC due to wrong judgment.

To sum up, the early symptoms of NPC are not unique, and can not rely on a certain symptom to diagnose NPC, which needs to be diagnosed together with a variety of symptoms. Once the above four symptoms appear at the same time, we must see a doctor as soon as possible. Even in the middle and late stage, active cooperation with the treatment may also save lives.

How to prevent NPC?

In daily life, the occurrence of NPC is mainly caused by the factors such as incomplete sanitation, inhalation of many harmful substances, long history of smoking or long-term inhalation of second-hand smoke.

1. We should pay attention to the daily climate change, prevent the occurrence of cold, keep the nose and throat clean, wash the mouth several times a day, and wash the nasopharynx cavity when necessary to prevent the invasion and infection of virus.

2. Try to avoid inhaling harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, a colorless gas with strong irritant odor, which can cause sore throat, cough and chest tightness, cause abnormal smell, stimulate allergy, long-term exposure to low dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, and cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Benzene is a kind of carcinogen, which has special fragrance and colorless. It can stimulate skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract. Ammonia is also a colorless gas with strong irritant odor, which can cause burning sensation of eyes and skin. Large amount of ammonia inhalation can also lead to the occurrence of NPC.

3. A friend who has a history of smoking should quit because there is a large amount of nicotine in cigarettes. It is a kind of smelly, bitter, colorless and transparent oil liquid with strong volatility. It is very easy to oxidize into dark gray in the air. It can quickly dissolve in water and alcohol. It is easy to be absorbed by the body through the oral, nasal and bronchial mucosa, thus inducing NPC.

In addition, smoking causes more harm to family members. Smokers smoking in front of their family or friends will cause them to smoke second-hand smoke. Long term inhalation of second-hand smoke will make the family have a high risk of various diseases.