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What to do with sweaters in winter? Use these tips to solve the problem easily

there are many materials for making sweaters. Different materials have different skin sensations. Some sweaters are very prickly and unacceptable, and even have rashes on their bodies. What should we do if sweaters are very prickly in winter? Use these moves to solve it easily!

what should I do in winter when I put on my sweater? 1. Fabric softener washing sweater the right way to clean can solve and prevent sweaters from pricking people, for pricking sweaters can be washed with fabric softener once, the sweater will become soft, not so pricking people. Usually cleaning sweater, also must choose a special sweater cleaner, which is conducive to maintaining the softness and fluffy of wool. If not, wash with shampoo. Do not use alkaline washing products. Note: when washing the sweater with water, do not rub or pull it vigorously, which will easily cause the sweater to pile up and cause the sweater to prick. 2. Remove the obvious hard wool or ball from the sweater and rub the sweater with a soft wool brush to remove some particularly hard wool. Or use the special shears for sweater trimming to cut off the thick and hard long hair, that is to say, the small balls and the special tools for long hair on the sweater can be cut off, so as to alleviate the problem of sweater binding. 3. We generally don't recommend wearing a bottomed sweater close to the body. It's better to wear a thin autumn garment as bottoming. On the one hand, it's better to keep warm, and on the other hand, it can prevent the sweater from directly contacting the skin and causing discomfort. Moreover, sweaters are not easy to clean frequently. Wearing bottomed clothes inside can prevent sweaters from contacting with skin secretions directly and make sweaters less dirty. Considering from many aspects, it is recommended to wear bottomed clothes inside sweaters.

correct cleaning methods: 1. Soak in white vinegar and cold water. If you find that the sweater you bought will prick people, it is recommended to prepare white vinegar and cold water first. Because white vinegar can help soften the fibers of sweaters and prevent the shorter fibers from being exposed. First prepare a basin of cold water, and pour some white vinegar into it. Then soak the sweater in white vinegar water in turn. Let the sweater soak in white vinegar water, and then take it up and wring it dry. 2. Apply and stay for 30 minutes, then gently rub the sweater. If it's too big, it's easy to damage the fiber of the sweater. The technique should be gentle. Then just leave the lotion on the sweater for about 30 minutes, rinse the remaining lotion with cold water, wring out the water on the sweater, and then air dry the sweater on the towel. 3. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. Finally, just wait until the sweater is air dried, fold it and put it in the chain bag, and put it in the freezer for one night. Take it out the next day and wait until the sweater is ice free before wearing it. Because it can also improve the problem of knitting. In this way, no matter the sweater with good material or poor material can improve this problem.