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How to get the double 11 code from the double 11 activity on the code? Code double 11 activity intro

This year's tmall double 11 is playing a new pattern. From today on, everyone can play the double 11 activity, so this activity can save up to a few yards a day, you know? Let's have a look.

The maximum number of times you can get a prize is 30. As long as it doesn't exceed the limit, you can do tasks and get a code. (in addition to inviting friends, users can only do other tasks once a day). Note that the received code can not be added to others!

The double 11 activity on the code is Alipay's double 11 interactive red envelopes this year. On -10 November 1st, the users participated in the double 11 yards of each channel on the code double 11 page. During the activity, there were 2 winning times. Each time the prize was announced, 1 sets of double 11 codes were awarded. The user saved two 11 yards compared with the prize winning 11 code, which was different according to the number and order of the icon. Double 11 red packets of type and amount.

What is the activity strategy?

Task 1

One group of codes will be obtained by daily check-in;

Task 2

One group of codes will be obtained for the first offline payment every day;

Task 3

Each day when completing the task of ant forest manor, one group of codes will be obtained;

Task 4

Invite friends. For each successful invitation of a friend who has not been invited to participate in the activity, you will get 1 pair of 11 yards. If you invite many friends successfully, you will have the chance to get multiple sets of 11 yards;

In each prize period, the upper limit of double 1 code in the user's hand is 30 groups, and the path of saving code is not 100% probability to obtain double 11 code.

In the two activity stages, the user can save code time:

The first stage: November 1, 0:00:00-november 5, 18:59:59;

The second stage: November 6, 0:00:00-november 10, 1859:59;

All the double 11 code systems of this activity will not be issued automatically and will be collected manually after completing the task.

Even if the task is completed, if you don't take the initiative to collect double 11 yards within 1 hour (including 1 hour) before the prize opening, you can't get them.

You may have a general understanding of some rules and Strategies of code 11. If you want to participate in this activity, the best way is to experience it yourself and play according to the above strategies!