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How much does Alipay need to pay for each other? How to deduct money for mutual insurance

Alipay has received many users' favor since they were insured online. The number of participants has exceeded 10 million people in 7 days. Many people ask for the deduction of mutual insurance. Then Alipay needs to deduct money every month? How much do you charge for Alipay's monthly deduction? For those who have joined us, let's have a look.

1、 How much is the monthly deduction for mutual guarantee

After most of the participants have passed the waiting period, mutual insurance products will be officially put into operation. How much will everyone share equally every month according to the current 10 million members?

1. Official statement

According to Zeng Zhuo, deputy general manager and chief actuary of Xinmei mutual, about 50000 people will have one claim in each period, so 10 million people in each period is 200 people, and the maximum amount of compensation is 60 million, plus 10% of the management expenses of 6 million, that is to say, 10 million people will share 66 million yuan equally, and each person will deduct 6.6 yuan in each period.

But there are two publicity periods every month, so each person is about 13 yuan a month.

2. Other statements

In addition, the actuarial calculation results are different. According to the average annual rate of disease being below 40 years old, the average annual rate of disease is 0.21%, and the average annual rate of disease is 40 for those over 40 years old. Among them, 75% Alipay users are below 40 years old.

Then the annual compensation amount for each person is 330000 * 75% * 0.21% + 110000 * 25% * 0.45% = 643.5 yuan.

That is to say, for mutual protection, each person should deduct more than 53 yuan per month, four times of the above calculated value.

As for which calculation result is correct, it's not easy to judge. After all, these are only calculation rather than facts that have already happened. We will not know until the first public list is published next year.

2、 No deduction during mutual guarantee waiting period

According to the rule of mutual protection of Bao Xiang, each person will have 90 days' waiting period after joining. During the waiting period, even if he is ill, he will not pay for it.

That is to say, from October 16, 2018 to October 16, 2018, everyone will have a waiting period of 90 days. Until January 14, 2019, they will begin to accept the payment, so there will be no cost and no money will be deducted during this period.

There is always a different saying about Alipay's mutual insurance payment every month. I wonder how we can deduct the fee when we join in.