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Can I have a pet during pregnancy? How to avoid Toxoplasma infection in pregnant pets

For pregnant expectant mothers, not once pregnant, they will be listed as key protected animals? They have become the object of care for the whole family. Can they keep pets during pregnancy? Will pregnant pets infect Toxoplasma? These must be a question many expectant mothers have thought about.

What is Toxoplasma?

Some scientists call Toxoplasma one of the most successful parasites on earth. This is because Toxoplasma gondii can infect almost all constant temperature animals, in addition to humans, pigs, cattle, sheep, birds and other animals.

Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular parasite, which lives in cells and reaches all parts of the body through blood flow. For most people, healthy people do not show obvious symptoms because of the immune system.

How do Toxoplasma gondii infect humans?

&#There are several ways for human to infect Toxoplasma gondii

1. Humans are eating uncooked or infected meat;

2. Eating or drinking water and food polluted by feces excreted by infected cats (why cats? Later on);

3. Blood transfusion or organ transplantation (very rare);

4. Mother to child transmission. Pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma gondii may infect the fetus (even if the pregnant woman does not show symptoms of infection);

When it comes to Toxoplasma parasitism, we can't help mentioning cats, because cats are the ultimate hosts of Toxoplasma transmission. To put it simply, only cats (and the cats that first infected with Toxoplasma gondii) can release and spread Toxoplasma gondii into the environment. And the spread is in the form of cat poop.

However, it is difficult for the uninfected cats to get Toxoplasma gondii. In general, humans only have the chance to infect Toxoplasma gondii if they eat the feces of infected cats or uncooked meat infected with Toxoplasma gondii. So as long as pregnant women do a good job of cleaning and avoid "disease from the mouth", it is still very difficult to be infected.

Oh, by the way, dogs are not the ultimate hosts of Toxoplasma, so dog waste is not infectious.

How can pregnant women stay away from Toxoplasma?

Mothers to be living with pets do not have to cry goodbye to their companions as long as they improve their awareness of protection.

➤ as long as you notice the following:

1. Check before pregnancy, if the mother has been infected with Toxoplasma gondii, there will be no risk of infection to the fetus (experts suggest that women infected with Toxoplasma gondii can be pregnant 6 months later);

2. Check your pet for Toxoplasma;

3. Don't let cats go out, don't feed raw meat, don't let them go out to hunt, it's better to feed finished cat food, etc;

4. Pregnant mothers should avoid excessive intimacy with pets: do not kiss, sleep together, eat at the same table, etc;

5. Pregnant women should not contact Toxoplasma gondii feces, avoid contact with cat litter, etc;

6. Water and soil contaminated by Toxoplasma gondii may also contaminate some fruits and vegetables, so pregnant women should try not to eat raw food, and ensure that the food is washed clean or cooked completely;

Therefore, for Toxoplasma gondii, pregnant women do not need to panic, but also can not be careless. As long as pregnant women pay attention to their normal health, and do a good job of cleaning and inspection for their pet, the risk of Toxoplasma infection is actually very low.