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What about down jacket running? How to remedy the running down of down jacket in winter

Did you buy a down jacket and run out in fluff. It is a very common situation for winter down jacket to run. After wearing down jacket for a long time, there will be some fine fluff running out. This is a very normal phenomenon, but if there is a large amount of running army, measures should be taken!

First of all, why do down coats run

In addition to down and feathers, feather's primary function in a bird's body is not to keep warm, but to support the air in flight, followed by waterproof, and then to keep warm (the role of finding a mate is ignored here). So the good rigidity of feather is easy to pierce the woven fabric, but only the cost of those small feathers at the early stage of development can become daily necessities. In order to lock, it is necessary to add coating on the inner lining fabric, similar to waterproof coating, so that the weight of the clothes is significantly increased, and the softness, lightness and thinness are greatly reduced. After a certain period of use, as if the raincoat is aging, the feathers come out, always a complete little feather comes out.

But in order to avoid a large number of hair, choose the down jacket with higher price, in addition to the better materials, the workmanship must be better.

How to remedy the down clothing

Down running is a very annoying thing, which will not only affect the warmth of the clothes, but also make it very awkward to run outside all the time.

1: After cleaning the down jacket, when it is dry, gently tap each corner with a stick to let the down inside return to the most fluffy and soft time, the phenomenon of hair will be improved.

2: When washing down clothes, you can try some neutral soft washing liquid, which can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity. Less static electricity, down jacket is not easy to hair.

3: As for the phenomenon that the fabric is light and thin, it can be sewed into a lining to effectively prevent the down jacket from getting hairy. If you don't know how to sew, you'd better give it to the clothing store.

4: Do not pull down hard if there is an unexpected down coming out at the seam, because good down clothes are made of high-quality down, with large amount of down. Pulling out hard will damage the fabric's down resistance. The correct way is to hold down across the fabric in the opposite direction and pull down back to the inside of the fabric.