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Why is there no bird droppings on the roof of the Forbidden City? Clean as new for 600 years

The roof of the Forbidden City has never had bird droppings. Why is it so clean after 600 years? It's amazing. Do birds dare not shit on the emperor's head, or do they have other mysteries? Let's get to know.

As the car owners all know, it is difficult to clean up bird droppings. There are many birds over the Forbidden City. The roof of the Forbidden City is not absolutely free of bird droppings. There are multiple reasons why the roof of the Forbidden City has been kept clean for more than 600 years, among which the wisdom of the ancients is the most decisive factor.

1、 The design is exquisite and the birds are not easy to stay.

The Forbidden City is the quintessence of ancient Chinese architectural art. Of course, it used the most advanced architectural design concept at that time, and also had a very delicate design in the detail design. For example, the roof of the Forbidden City used the ancient traditional 'sloping roof' design, the double eaved veranda roof, the roof slope is very large, and the building materials used are wide, the enamel surface is very smooth, which is inconvenient for birds' claws The birds feel very tired and don't like to visit. Less birds come, less droppings.

Even if there are some naughty birds who don't talk about hygiene and like to fly in the air to shit, the ancients have their own countermeasures.

2、 The material is exquisite, and the rain is easy to wash.

The roof of the Forbidden City is exposed to the wind and the sun every day. Even if there are bird droppings, they will be dried and hard by the wind. They will become dry, fragmented and easy to fall off. Moreover, the materials of the roof of the Forbidden City are all glaze surfaces, which are very smooth. It is difficult for bird droppings to adhere to them for a long time. The slope of the roof makes it easy for bird droppings to be washed down and not left in case of heavy rain Traces.

3、 Manual cleaning to ensure the roof is clean.

The house of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was responsible for the maintenance of the whole Forbidden City. The Ministry of internal affairs is in charge of a large number of eunuchs, many of whom do manual work. The most important work is cleaning and cleaning. The courtyard should be cleaned, and the roof should be cleaned naturally. The interior government will regularly organize people to clean the roof, just like the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings. However, the roof of the Forbidden City is too high, so this cleaning is not suitable for frequent use. Fortunately, the designer's unique ingenuity makes the roof of the Forbidden City have the function of "self-cleaning", which does not need too much manual intervention.

Just a design of the roof of the Forbidden City, we can see what wisdom the ancients had. There are still many things we can learn from the advanced technology. It seems that we need to learn a lot from the ancients!