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How does sleeping fall pillow restore quickly? The most simple and effective way to fall asleep

Fall asleep, believe that many people have experienced. After falling on the pillow, the neck aches and doesn't dare to twist. It's very hard to move the neck a little. Isn't that feeling like death? Then how can we recover quickly after falling on the pillow? What's the fastest and most effective way?

Massage therapy for falling pillow

Pressing the point of falling pillow

Falling pillow point: a special point located on the back of the hand, between the bones of the index finger and the middle finger on the back of the hand, touching with the hand towards the wrist, about one finger wide.

Method: you can use the ventral side of the index finger or middle finger to press back and forth with great strength to relieve the neck pain and discomfort brought by the pillow.

Press column and lack of acupoints

Lieque acupoint: lift up your arms naturally, cross your hands naturally from the tiger's mouth, place your index finger on the bone protruding from your wrist naturally, and the position pointed to by your index finger tip is Lieque acupoint.

Method: the left neck muscle ache, with the left hand according to the right side of the list of missing points; otherwise, change over. Pay attention to the feeling of acid swelling, and move the neck at the same time. You can feel the relaxation of the neck in about 5 minutes.

Function: Lieque point is a point on lung meridian, and lung meridian has the effect of evacuating wind and cold. Pressing this acupoint is especially effective for the falling pillow caused by cold wind.

According to Fengchi, Jianjing and Hegu

Take Fengchi, Jianjing and Hegu points, and gently press each point with your thumb for about half a minute.

Fengchi point: Fengchi point is located at the neck. It is the depression between sternocleidomastoid muscle and trapezius muscle when it is under the occipital bone and level with Fengfu.

Jianjing point: the position of Jianjing point is easy to find, as long as you recognize the middle point from shoulder to neck and cervical vertebra, it is Jianjing point.

Hegu Point: on the back of the hand, between the first and the second metacarpal bones, at the middle point of the radial side of the second metacarpal bone. Or place the transverse joint of the thumb and phalanges of one hand on the web edge between the thumb and index finger of the other hand, when the point is under the thumb tip.

Loose bones and muscles

Now the tenderness points on both sides of the neck, then press and knead with the thumb for about one minute, and then knead the neck and shoulder muscles with both hands for about two minutes.

Kneading neck

Rub the palms of two hands to generate heat, extend the neck up as far as possible, gently rub the warm palms at the neck, and use the strength of the finger abdomen. First, the movement is slowed down to speed up slowly, and the strength can also be adjusted and increased a little, until the massage reaches the local fever of the neck.

Cross neck

Cross your hands and fingers, then go around the head, hold the neck with the palm root of your hand, and press and pinch the neck with both hands, but don't be too fierce, and lift it up, repeat for 10 times, and then massage the affected part with the palm rubbing method for about 20 times.

Treatment of falling pillow with hair dryer

Hair dryer can be used to treat the pillow caused by cold, which is also the simplest way to treat the pillow.

Method: in the place of falling pillow pain, massage it first, then blow it to the shoulder neck with the hot air of the hair dryer, and feel the fever of the shoulder neck. It can improve the blood circulation of the shoulder neck and relieve the pain.

Use a hair dryer to blow on the neck and shoulders for about 15 to 20 minutes (don't get too close to the body), once in the morning and once in the evening.

After blowing with the hair dryer, gently and slightly rotate the neck, at this time, the body can also cooperate with the slow activity for a while, which can not relieve the pillow symptoms in a short time. However, we should pay attention to the sleeping posture and pillow height to prevent the pillow from falling again.

Treatment of falling pillow with hot compress

The person that often falls pillow needs hot compress, these people suffer from cervical vertebra disease commonly, can use towel to hot compress, also can use a few hot compress partial prescription.

Hot compress of vinegar

Take a few clean cotton strips, put them in the old vinegar, put them in the pain area of the pillow, and then put on the hot water bag. The temperature of the hot water bag is about 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, which can ensure the heat without scalding the skin. Take it off half an hour later, and move the neck slowly.

Hot compress of pueraria powder

Take 20 grams of hay, 50 grams of white peony and 100 grams of pueraria root, wrap them in a clean cloth bag, put them in a pot and boil for half an hour, take them out, and apply them to the neck pain after the temperature is appropriate.

Treatment of falling pillow with ice compress

If it is a simple acute injury type of fall pillow, early fall pillow can use ice.

How to do it: take an ice cube, wrap it with a towel, then put it on the low score of pain, and apply it for 15 minutes.

Moxibustion in the treatment of falling pillow

Moxibustion has a very good effect of dredging tendons and dredging collaterals, and is mainly used to treat headache, strong items and other symptoms. Moxibustion can also relax muscles and activate collaterals, strengthen muscles and bones, dispel wind and relieve pain, and mainly treat diseases of neck and shoulder.

Find the most painful place, and then point the end of the moxa stick at this part. The moxa stick point is about an inch away from our skin. The moxa stick and our skin form a 45 DEG; angle. Hold it like that pen. The skin feels warm without scalding. Moxa stick lasts for half an hour. After moxa stick, stay in the moxa stick room for half an hour.