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Why can't you drink after eating cephalosporin? Be careful of the risk of death

Wine is one of our traditional drinks. Every time we have a holiday or any festive event, we will have a drink. But in one case, never drink alcohol. That is, why can't we drink after eating cephalosporins?

So what's the matter? Let's see what happens when cephalosporin and alcohol are together. Why can't you drink after eating cephalosporin? If you do, it will be safe for your life.

It is understood that the reaction of drinking alcohol after taking cephalosporin is a disulfiram like reaction. In short, disulfiram can inhibit aldehyde dehydrogenase, hinder the normal metabolism of ethanol, and lead to the reaction of acetaldehyde poisoning caused by drinking a small amount of ethanol.

Usually, when we drink alcohol after taking the cephalosporin prescribed by the doctor, there will be some reactions that make our body uncomfortable. You may vomit, feel weak and drowsy. If the patients with mild reactions are encountered, they can return to normal without treatment. If the reaction is too severe, such as bad breath and collapse, emergency measures should be taken immediately.

In fact, if you want to stop drinking, you can also use this reaction to make the drinkers feel disgusted with alcohol, so that they don't want to drink again, and they have no desire and idea to drink.

When we accidentally drink after eating cephalosporin, how should we treat it? First, we need to rest in bed. If we are in shock, we can take a 'V' position. Second, keep your breath clear. Third, the treatment of symptoms. These methods can be used in patients with less intense reactions. In order to avoid the disulfiram reaction, we should avoid the use of drugs that may cause disulfiram reaction after drinking alcohol before the alcohol is completely eliminated. If we are ill and have to use drugs that cause this reaction, we should prohibit drinking foods containing alcohol during the whole period of using drugs or even after stopping using drugs for quite a long time after recovery.

Some details and precautions in life should not be ignored, not to mention the consequences of drinking after taking cephalosporin. In addition to avoiding this kind of reaction, we can't imitate. Don't hurt the body by imitating for a while.