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Can floss go to blackhead? Tips on floss and blackhead

Can floss be used to remove blackheads? There are many people on the Internet who have shared the method of flossing to remove blackheads. Floss is something that many people usually use to pick teeth, so how to use it to remove blackheads? Let's have a look.

Floss, known as the "most effective" way to remove blackheads. Sukhimann often shares her beauty tips in her personal blog, one of which is to floss her black head! First, clean her nose with water, and then apply a hot towel to the nose, so that the pores open, and it is easier to clean the black head. Then push the floss on the nose. A little push can bring the blackhead out. The whole floss is also stuck with the blackhead. It's amazing. Finally, wipe the nose with make-up water to moisturize the nose.

Compared with the way of squeezing by hand, floss doesn't hurt because of its elasticity, but it can only remove some pimples after pushing for a long time, which has no obvious effect on blackheads. If you want to try it, remember to clean your face again after cleaning and apply a gentle toner.

How does floss go to blackhead?

1. Use towel and hot compress to enlarge pores.

2. Pick up the floss stick, press it down from the bridge of the nose to the wing of the nose, and repeat it several times. Don't miss any corner, she said. Compared with the metal stick for acne removal, the floss stick won't hurt the skin! In this way, repeat it several times, and it will clean the blackhead and acne in the corner. It seems that this method is very convenient and can be used frequently. For blackheads For the baby.

3. Then use a gentle cleanser to clean.

4. Use toner for secondary cleaning. The mouthwash containing medicinal alcohol is used here. Rose water, or the one you usually use, can also be used. However, if you are sensitive skin, don't use mouthwash! If you really want to use it, you need to do skin test in a small area first, so as not to be self defeating.

5. Remember to lock the water! Apply moisturizing to make your skin tender and elastic.