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The birth of the world's Ultimate koi, enjoying 1.6 billion US dollars alone

The world's Ultimate koi was born. Compared with this, the former Xin xiaodai is just a small bird! Recently, American color people are crazy again. Every Tuesday and Friday night, people are boiling with blood, waiting for one thing - 'Mega lottery' lottery. Because, since July this year, the first prize of this lottery has gone up to 1.6 billion dollars after 20 times of accumulation!

On the night of the 23rd local time, the US' Mega lottery 'lottery with a first prize value of up to US $1.6 billion opened. A South Carolina lottery winner won the first prize and will only enjoy the prize, the official website of mega mills said Thursday.

According to ABC, the first prize is worth 1.537 billion US dollars (10.67 billion yuan).

Winners can choose one time

Sex directly raised 878 million US dollars (about 6.09 billion yuan), or 1.537 billion US dollars in 29 years.

ABC said it was the highest prize in the history of "mega lottery" and the second highest in the history of the United States. In 2016, the United States' Powerball 'lottery once set a record of $1.586 billion for a single prize. At that time, three people shared the prize.

"Zhaocai" is available in 43 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands.

The lottery starts every week. The buyer selects 5 numbers from 1 to 75, and then selects 1 'million ball' number from 1 to 15 to form 6 numbers.

One person's exclusive $1.6 billion 'Mega lottery' is the highest prize winning lottery in the United States. The last time the "mega lottery" won the first prize was on July 24 this year, 11 people from California shared 543 million US dollars.

Since then, no one has won the prize, and the prize amount has reached a record high.

Before the opening ceremony, there was a round of lottery buying fever in the United States, and even foreigners sought to buy lottery tickets on their behalf.

Every lottery store on the other side of the ocean has a long line

In the last week, the bonus amount of mega mills in the United States has accumulated to US $1.6 billion!

The temptation of such a huge prize makes people who don't buy lottery tickets go to the lottery spots to try their luck. After all, what if they are the ones who choose them? Except for Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah, all regions in the United States, including Washington and the Virgin Islands, can buy such lotteries, so every lottery shop can buy such lotteries There was a long line.

After all, it's possible to become a rich man for only $2. Who doesn't want to participate in such a good thing?

A large number of Nevada residents who can't buy lottery tickets get up from dawn to dusk. They go to the lottery shops on the border of Nevada and California and wait for the owners to open their doors orderly & hellip; & hellip; where legal lottery tickets are allowed, people are more lucky and can buy them if they want.

Even if there are many people, there will be a long line in order. It doesn't have to be enough to buy one. You have to buy several more, so the chance of winning the prize will be greater, doesn't it? When you buy one, you smile as if you have won the prize.

Now, I can only say that it's not me who won the prize. I will continue to work & hellip;