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How to do with cold hands and feet of girls in winter? Form a good habit not to be an ice beauty

Winter has come, this season makes the whole people feel not so good. Although winter is romantic and beautiful, it's not new for girls with weak physique to have cold hands and feet. What should we do about cold hands and feet in winter? In fact, the reason for cold hands and feet is not only the cold body, but also the lack of heat supply in the body, so we can learn from the following Try.

1. Get up in the morning and exercise

Getting up in the morning to exercise the body can completely relax and stretch the muscles of the whole body, and prevent the fear of cold caused by the rigidity of the whole body. After a night's sleep, the human body is often in a state of non circulation of blood, so it is very important to exercise properly to relax the body.

2. Pay attention to clothing

Never wear tight and narrow underwear, as well as clothes that are bound to the body, which is not conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body.

3. Walk as much as possible

Walking is the most convenient and fast way to warm your body.

4. It's amazing to talk to people

Chatting with friends is a special way to reduce pressure, which has a special effect on preventing fear of cold.

5. Replenish moderate moisture

The supply of water is very important. When taking in water, it can discharge the waste in the body and make the blood circulation unblocked. It is better to supplement 2 liters of water every day.

6. Breathing method

When you feel tired, slow breathing has a good effect on chills. Put your hands on your chest, and bulge your abdomen when you inhale. This kind of abdominal breathing method can deliver oxygen to all parts of the body, promote blood circulation, and improve chills. It can be easily carried out on the seat. Let's do it yourself.