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Why is Li Ronghao's new song Beibei only 4 seconds? What is the meaning of Li Ronghao's Beibei

Today, many of Li Ronghao's fans are confused. There are new songs from idols. There are no new songs from idols, only 4 seconds! Why is there only 4 seconds for Li Ronghao's new song Beibei? It's not opened yet. It's over listening, isn't it?

Why is Li Ronghao's new song Beibei only 4 seconds

Li Ronghao's 2018 new album "ears" was released last to last. He held a private "listening to the ears" on 15th, inviting media from all walks of life to take the lead in four new tracks not yet exposed in the public album, namely "ears", "I know it's you", "Orchestra" and "Beibei". One of the songs with only 5 seconds unexpectedly became a topic.

Li Ronghao also took the lead in sharing the unexposed songs in the album with the mass media, including "ears", "I know it's you", "Orchestra" and "Beibei". Among them, "ears" with the same name as the album is also the first time that he recorded songs not created by himself. When he heard "Orchestra", Li Ronghao shared that when he was in his early 20s, he had organized a group with a group of good friends who played music around him, but never performed in public. When the public asked why, Li Ronghao smiled and said, "we practiced the group several times and wanted to perform on the street first." I didn't expect to be chased away before I sang!

In addition, the new song "Beibei" with only five seconds left the audience for the first time unable to respond. Li Ronghao said with a smile, because many Chinese singers can sing "baby" directly this time. He said that he didn't think too much about recording, and suddenly had inspiration when an idea flashed, which also made people feel that Li Ronghao had no limit on music Form and imagination.

In addition to the songs that have not yet been exposed, today Li Ronghao also listens to the released "Friends of trump card" and "young men and women". In addition, Li Ronghao also revealed that he was actually the director of the MV, which surprised people that Li Ronghao was so low-key. Li Ronghao said that he didn't want to tell everyone that he was the director at the beginning, and also wanted to see everyone's response after the release of the MV. Now the MV has caused such a warm response, he modestly said that he would like to thank you so much for this song.

Profile of Li Ronghao

Li Ronghao, born in Bengbu, Anhui Province on July 11, 1985, is a male pop singer, music producer, guitarist and actor.

On September 16, 2013, the first album "model" was released. With this album, it nominated five awards of the 25th Golden Melody Award and won the best New Artist Award, realizing the transformation from producer to singer.

On September 4, 2014, he signed a contract with Warner records to release his second album of the same name, Li Ronghao, and held 8 'born Li Ronghao tour concerts' the next year.

On January 22, 2016, the third album "you ideal" was released. In the same year, the "you ideal world tour concert" was held.

In January 018, I participated in iqiyi variety show "idol trainee".