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What if the heating room is too dry in winter? How to alleviate the floor heating and drying

In another month, the north will start heating, but after heating, there will be a series of heating diseases. It is easy to cause respiratory diseases in the enclosed space for a long time. Then how can the warm and dry ground in winter be relieved? Let's take a look together with the small network of four Seas!

How to alleviate the floor heating and drying

1. Put a bucket of water indoors

If the floor is warm and dry for a long time, it's better to put a bucket of water in a dry room, but its disadvantage is that the humidification effect is not very good, only plays a small role.

2. Spray with a washbasin or kettle

If you don't like to put a bucket of water, you can spray some water with a washbasin or kettle in the dry room, so as to increase the contact area between the water and the room, speed up the distribution of water and improve the drying problem. But spray can easily cause wet indoor walking and fall.

3. Mop the floor with a wet mop

If the water spray is too wet, you can mop the floor with a wet mop every morning, which may improve the heating and drying of the floor, and will not make the floor too wet.

4. Open windows frequently for ventilation

Even if you use floor heating, you need to ventilate once a day. Opening windows for ventilation is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to improve indoor air quality and humidity. When to open and close windows is also a matter of science. If you want to open windows in a large city at an appropriate time, because the air quality in a large city is often poor, we should choose to open windows at about 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. for ventilation, which is the best, half an hour to an hour at a time. Air circulation is not easy to get sick.

5. Put some green plants

It's a good choice to cultivate a few green plants in a warm room. They can not only increase the air humidity, but also improve the air quality. It's better to cultivate some hydroponics plants. They have a large amount of hair increase, which can ensure the indoor humidity. But when you have a rest at night, you should move the green plants outdoors. If the plants can't carry out photosynthesis at night, they will rob you of oxygen.

6. Buy a humidifier

The most convenient and effective way to solve indoor drying is the humidifier, but remember that the humidifier needs to change water every day. It's better to use pure water to clean the humidifier once a certain time. If possible, buy a hygrometer. Control the humidity in the room between 40 and 60.

Humidifier price

The price of humidifier is between 100 and 300 yuan. It is suggested to buy a humidifier of 150 yuan or so. Humidifier brand, materials and additional functions are different, the price will be different, according to their own needs to buy the best.