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A brief introduction to the habits of the plant

This is what many people like to see. When it blooms, it's not generally good-looking. It's hairy and a little pink. When is the best time to enjoy it? But recently, because many people trample on it, netizens pay attention to it, so when you watch the beautiful scenery, you should have more quality.

Pink and black messy grass is a kind of landscape plant. It usually blooms from September to November. It starts to bloom in autumn. When it opens, it looks like a large pink cloud around you. It looks very immortal. With the help of short video, many of the online red scenic spots where pink and Daisy are planted are also well known, such as Chongqing Hongya cave, Sichuan Daocheng Yading, Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake, etc. Recently, the red sea video on the short video platform has also made Nanjing's Guo Xing manor and Lishui's pink flower field known. At one time, many tourists go to punch in cards to take photos and enjoy the red grass.

The best time to appreciate pink and black chaotic grass:

It is a perennial warm season herb with a plant height of 30-90cm. Generally, the flowering period lasts from September to November, and October is the best time for viewing. It was in 2015 that we began to plant the pink and black chaotic grass in China. At that time, we planted a piece of it in Shanghai, and it also became "net red". Before, these herbs rarely entered the plant design of the garden, which is also that some domestic designers accepted the concept of foreign countries and added many grass and flower plants to the garden. The main growing season is summer, the flowering period is from mid September to mid November, with green leaves as the base, pink and purple flower spikes as hair coming out from the base and as pink cloud in the distance.

Jiangxinzhou, Nanjing.

After there is a large sea of pink and Daisy grass and pink flowers in the demonstration section on the Dajiang side of Nanjing eco tech Island, it has become a new 'online Red' scenic spot in Nanjing, attracting many tourists. However, in the afternoon of today (30th), four teams of Nanjing traffic police warned tourists on their official microblog that "the best time to watch the pink and black chaotic grass has passed, and the area will be closed for landscape renovation, suggesting that citizens should not go there in the near future.". '

In general, you can watch the pink and black chaotic grass in autumn. Nanjing has it. Don't miss it.