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Why does the tooth seam widen after tooth washing? How often is it better to wash your teeth

with the growing popularity of people's health concept, many people take good care of their teeth. Many people feel that as long as they brush their teeth carefully every day, they don't need to wash their teeth again. In fact, from the perspective of health, teeth washing is of great benefit to oral health. What should we pay attention to after teeth washing? Will teeth washing hurt? Let's get to know.

What should you pay attention to after you wash your teeth?

First of all, don't eat, drink water or rinse your mouth within half an hour after washing your teeth, that is, don't use your mouth to do anything except talking.

In the two weeks after tooth washing, do not eat foods that are too irritating, including foods that are too cold, too hot or too spicy. Because after the calculus is cleaned, the tooth tissues that were originally blocked by calculus will be exposed, even some gums will be exposed. At this time, the teeth are particularly sensitive to stimulation. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not to give too much stimulation to the teeth until the tooth tissues recover Eat a normal diet.

There are some serious calculus may grow into the gums, so the gums may be swollen after tooth washing. This is normal. Generally, doctors will use anti-inflammatory and anti swelling drugs, which can reduce the swelling in one or two days without worrying too much.

Some small problems about tooth washing

Does tooth wash ache?

People who have the habit of washing their teeth regularly, or whose gums are not so sensitive, generally don't feel pain. But if you haven't washed your teeth for a long time, washed your teeth for the first time, or your gums are atrophic or sensitive, you may feel pain. Generally, you will have anesthesia on the upper surface of your teeth, and the pain will not be too strong, so don't worry.

Will your teeth turn white after you wash them?

Can't. Washing teeth is only to restore the normal color of the teeth, but has no whitening effect. After removing those color stains, what color is your teeth, and will not turn white.

Why did the crevices widen after washing the teeth?

Because the calculus usually grows between the teeth and between the teeth and gums, after cleaning the teeth and removing the calculus, the place occupied by the calculus will be empty, which will give the illusion that the crevices will be widened. However, after one or two weeks, the tooth tissue will be recovered without worry.

Why does the oral cavity become sensitive after washing teeth, and it is easier to feel stimulation?

Because after removing the calculus, the tooth tissue and even the gums will be exposed, which will naturally become sensitive. Therefore, we said that we should not eat foods that stimulate the mouth too much within 2 weeks until the periodontal tissue grows well. If you feel that your mouth becomes sensitive for a long time after washing your teeth, it may be that you have periodontitis and other diseases, and you need to do oral examination again.

Will tooth washing hurt teeth?

Can't. Many people think that the equipment used for tooth washing will scratch the tooth surface and cause harm to the teeth. In fact, ultrasonic tooth washing is to use ultrasonic equipment to use high frequency vibration to make the tooth stones loose and fall off. It is not directly scratched on the tooth surface, so it will not cause serious damage to the teeth, and finally it will polish the tooth surface, so tooth washing will not create a serious damage to the teeth Hurt.

How often is it better to wash your teeth?

As for teeth washing, it is generally recommended to wash at least once a year, or once every six months, not too much, otherwise it will really hurt the mouth.